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14-05-2002, 10:16 AM
my boat (5.5m seafarer) has a positive and negative wire running from each instrument to the battery. is it detremental to the electrical sysytem to run a thick + and - wire up the side to a power distribution box(see picture below) and wire the instruments into that?

14-05-2002, 01:48 PM
Certainly not detremental to the electrical system and what you are proposing to do is spot on.

Cheers, Kerry.

15-05-2002, 04:04 PM
Hi mick
when you re-wire your boat make sure that you have two chocolate blocks one for + one for -- I.ve done the same thing with my Seafarer and the Stebercraft less wires to the battery and less trouble if you need a hand send me an E-Mail and i'll give you as much as you need do you have twin battery setup as well if so a bit more knowledge goes a long way
catch you on a good tide see ya

17-05-2002, 01:48 PM
Gidday Mick,
Make sur you get tinned wire.It doent break down with corrosion problems. Have a look at some of your existing wires. If they are not tinned you will note they are going black.This continues right up inside the insulation.
Also if you are going to make changes,fit an isolation switch, which can take a duel battery system in the future.

Have a read of my article in letters to editor, in last months Bush N Beach. (Not May)
Keep two of your current wires( if tinned) cause they are great to set up an automatic charge system when you dont get out for a while. Details in the mag

18-05-2002, 05:46 AM
thanks guys i am going to use tinned wire and i do have twin batteries. no doubt ill have a million ? when i get going.

19-07-2002, 03:47 PM
Hey Mick,
agree with the tinned wires like Dnej said. Once they're corroded you'll never tin them again. I always start with a heavy power and earth of the same rating from the battery and feed off whatever is needed depending on the instruments needs from the distribution point.
I think you should always use the same gauge of earth and power wire for each piece of equipment. Colour coding isn't necessary but I use different colours for each piece of equipment but always keep my earths black.
Cheers Luke

23-07-2002, 06:33 AM
thanks guys.

my old mn took care of the shop so i could get the boat finished.
here are some tips if your thinking of re-wiring your boat.

1) dont do it

2)if you have to join wires, use the bullet style conectors (not ones with exposed metal surfaces.)

3)take a photo of everything before you touch it. you can use it as a reference.

4)dont arc out wires to see if the are live. use a multi meter

5) if possible try to replace one wire at a time.

6)use a thick corrosion inhibtor on all joins and connections. korode kure is great.

7)swear lots

i still have a couple of little changes to make but im back on the water. out of 4 marine chandlers, super cheap auto, repco and a few servos, i still couldnt get the fuses i need. the 30 amp trim tilt fuse is now 20amp(i have 6 spares.
all nav gear is fused with in line fuses and at the switch panel.

anyway thanks for the advice and what a prick of a job