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26-06-2002, 11:19 AM
Does anyone know about the inflatable boats? is there an australian seller on the net somewhere?

I was looking for a small boat that could be packed into the back of the car and pull it out to go fishing on some impoundments.

Are they hard or easy to inflate?



27-06-2002, 08:11 AM
Heaps, take your pick from 6' up to whatever boot size you want but probably 25 foot plus might require a rather large boot :P.

Do a search on the net for "Inflatable boats Australia", there's all the well known brands in every size for all purposes.

:o :o For fishing I've always been a little sus about "blow up things" that would attract hooks/trebles like the proverbial. I suppose they all come with a puncture kit ;D

A small inflatable blows up in no time at all really with the provided foot pumps.

Cheers, Kerry.

26-07-2002, 05:49 AM
a better alternative is a fold-a-bote..you do need a roof rack , but it is very light and quite stable..I had a 12ft sevilor inflateable and found it to be rather unstable...the fold-a-bote is expensive but a lot more durable , stable ,roomier ,easier to assemble...cheers ..bruce

26-07-2002, 08:09 AM

i have a 2.4m zodiac, with a 2 stroke 3hp yamaha listed for sale

both 2000 models
12v fast inflator
foam rubber floor insert
plays dvds and mp3s


alright it doesnt play dvds or mp3s but is still in good nick. let us know if your interested.


29-07-2002, 11:04 AM
My brother bought a Porta-Bote, folding boat, fantastic. After testing the 12'+ he bought the 10'+, I am looking at the 12' and a 5 horse motor.

Brother got pinged for doing 13.5 knots the first time on the water with a 5 horse on the 10'. A 3 horse would have been enough and kept him to 10 knots. These things are unregistered and you don't need a licence.

They fold to the size of a malibou surf board. The seats and transome are a bit bulky but fit in the back of the 4X4 ok. Check em out at:


They are dear but so are Zodiacs etc. The 12' is about $2,500 plus your motor. Realy great, take it anywhere & sharp objects don't worry it. They are almost indestructable. They take about 15 minutes to set up. There is an agent in Sydney, listed on their site, who will arrange a demo for anyone, usually down at Barowra Waters.

Good luck with whatever you choose,