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27-07-2002, 03:45 PM
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I recently found an article on a series of boat hulls imported from Nz and fitted out in Melbourne. I was taken by this series as it says that these boats when sitting/stable fill up with i think it was 400l of water therefore enhancing stabilty while at rest and of course emptying when moving. I am wanting to know if anyone is familure with the Barcrusher boat and if there are any other boat that has a similar feature. ???

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27-07-2002, 09:43 PM
Barcrushers have a flooding ballast hull that allow a deep V hull for smooth ride with stability at rest. I have not personally tested a barcrusher but there are other boats on the market with similar flooding hulls.

Col Svesson (?I think thats right) from Fisher boats in Wynnum is developing a flooding deep V -called the 'Maxi Fisher'. He had a hull several months back that had an interesting transon/pod. Under the pod are two extensions of the hull (rather like planing fins) below an empty sealed tube in the bottom of the hull. The tube has a breathing pipe to the console, so when you open the throttle the air is sucked in and the water floods out onto the planing fins. He reports that it gives exception ride with stability at rest. Unfortunately there is a lot of work in the hull and they're not cheap (rather like the barcrushers...). You can contact him through Fisher boats and if you live in brisbane drop in and have a look.

Secondly, Queensland Ships (makers of Sportfish and Ocean Cylinder) have developed a flooding Deep V ocean cylinder. I had look at their new boat the 5250 earlier this week, which has a 24 degree deep V and a flooding ballast very similar to Fisher. Its a very impressive boat, although it looks a bit weird. Again they're not cheap about 16K for the base hull. Drop in and have a look, at the moment they're building several for the Queensland police.



31-07-2002, 05:24 AM
Thanks for the time and for providing me with the info.


01-08-2002, 08:49 AM
Currumbin Tinnies just down the road from me sell the Barcrusher. They are very impressive boats & I have spoken to a few owners of them & they are impressed with the ride & stability of them. They are a bit expensive & I have done some investigation on them as sold in NZ by the manufacturer Surtees. They are known over there as the Workmate 5.5 & 6.1 I can tell you they sell in NZ for $26600.00 drive away with trailer & Motor. This also includes the 12% GST in NZ. This would equate to around $22000.00 NZ pre GST.BUT this STILL includes the Motor & Trailer. Take off around $2000 for the trailer & then say $10000.00 for the motor ( 90 hp Mercury 2 stroke ) roughly that leaves $10000 for the hull NZ ( roughly $8500 AU). Here is the interesting bit. If you can get a certificate of origin from the manufacturer ( this is usually no problem) stating that the hull is made in NZ, THEN that means if you were to import it as an individual you pay NO DUTY on it. The only costs involved are the cost of the Hull + Shipping + 10% GST ( australia)

Come time for our upgrade I will be looking into this. As far as I am aware the hull alone out here will set you back about $27000.00 Au