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24-08-2002, 09:06 PM
Guys and Gals
Craig Stone Best Known as Scrag is one of the leading Outboard and Mercruiser mechanics in the country.
If you have a topic to discuss with him he will be available on open forum from 8-10 p.m.tuesdays,to answer your questions,meanwhile you can Email him at service@ccpb.com
Craig is keen ,so don't hold back,he will be giving on water mech. support at the Megabucks,Craigs labour this weekend is free of charge(he does drink scotch).
Cheers Flynny http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm44.gif http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm44.gif http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm43.gif http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm43.gif

26-08-2002, 12:33 PM

That is very noble of Craig, We need that sort of help available on the net from time to time. For him to spend his time for the persons here is fantastic.

Will he help Yamaha boaters at the Mega Bucks also if needed. :)


26-08-2002, 04:22 PM
Hi Tony
Yes Mate we will help anybody regardless of engine brand,and,try to have the appropriately likely parts that need replacement on hand.I am referring to thermostats ,water pump impellers,Plugs etc,obviosly we are unable to bring a pantech of parts,but,we will try to cover all the bases.This is not a money making excercise,but rather an opportunity to put something back into a sport that has given it's share to us.

The only cost involved in on site service at events of this sort will be parts,at normal price,if used payable whenever.
Cheers Flynny http://www.ausfish.com.au/chat/images/smilies/cwm20.gif

26-08-2002, 04:33 PM
Thats a great offer that I'm sure many fishos will be grateful for.

C you & the "Pit Crew" up at Mega Bucks Flynny.


26-08-2002, 05:10 PM

26-08-2002, 05:59 PM
Pete ,

That is awesome is he your local Mechanic.? Didn't think he would go to that extent. Again well done.
Lets hope we dont need him and he can just lay back and drink his poison. :)

26-08-2002, 06:25 PM
Hi Tony
The Dynamism($10Word) is awsome.
I am happy to say that Craig is our service manager,he has been part of our family for a couple of years,one man's meat is another man's poison,
wait ' til you meet him either online or at the megabucks,and you will know what I mean.
Cheers Flynny