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24-09-2002, 09:19 AM
Every weekend when I go out in my new Stacer, Iím reminded of the old hull that I bought 2 years previous. When buying any second hand product you really donít know what youíre buying (contrary to what the salesman says). Two years ago I bought a second hand centre console which had obviously done quite a bit of work in its time, and had also been extensively modified. The craft was also fitted with a Yamaha engine that had only 10 hours on the clock. I had checked it out in the boat yard and it looked fine. If only I had known better. After having the craft for a small period of time it was obvious that the hull had metal fatigue and was prone to previous welds splitting. Once metal reaches this point, there is no cure (maybe the metal crusher) would be the safest choice. The moral of this story is Ė You can check out a hull till youíre blue in the face, but only time will tell.
Happy boating

24-09-2002, 03:58 PM
Trust a saleman #:P now there's a problem waiting to happen #;D

Anyway metal fatigue and hull repairs to someone who knows what they're looking for isn't all that difficult and won't take somebody who knows what they are looking for all that much time.

Cheers, Kerry.

24-09-2002, 04:21 PM
Jeeze rwells9999 you are scaring the poop outa me I am going thru the exercise now of looking for a second hand boat and I thank you for making me aware of a possible trap.

24-09-2002, 06:34 PM
Its good to see you got a good boat in the end rwells , my first boat was a stacer it was twenty years old when I sold it and it was still in top nick without a sign of corrosion or fatigue . I guess it boils down to how well a boat is looked after and treated as to how well it will last . Im sure we have all seen the habits of some boaties .
I am always a little dubious when I see an hour meter with low hours and the motors age would say it should have a lot more even if not used often .
Even if I think I do know what Im looking at ,I always get a pro opinion when buying something second hand as the small outlay may just turn up a potential fault , but none the less is still not as bulletproof as a shiny new boat with a factory warranty .
So congratulations on the new Stacer and happy boating .

27-09-2002, 07:20 PM
G'day rwells.
I Gotta Say That as a boat dealer,I have a couple of responsabilities.
1/To My customer.
2/To Our Company.
We Don't sell boats to anybody unless we have been right over them
and we offer an unconditional guarantee.People that sell boats under any other conditions are nothing but a blight on the industry as a whole.And I hate it!!!
We offer a money back guarantee,based on the fact that we give all the relevant information to the customer.As members of the Boating Industry Association We Have a Code Of Ethics And We live By Them!
You deserve much better.