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15-02-2005, 06:53 PM
I'm after a canoe for chasing bream and bass in skinny water where you can't take a tinny. I want it to be able to take 2 people but be light enough that i can take it out by myself. My budget is $400-$500 which means i'll have to pick one up second hand. If anyone can recomend me some brands or models I'll keep an eye out for them in the trading post.

16-02-2005, 08:51 AM
I have done a lot of fishing in a skinnoo or a canoe that has a flat back so you can mount an outboard easily. They are so much better than your ordinary canoe especially when considering more than just electric

16-02-2005, 12:28 PM
hey devocean,

yer i go fishing a lot out of a scanoe. very very stable. the other day we had 7 metal crab pots,an esky full of ice, 2 people. 2 rods, etc.etc. there is heaps of room in them. we use a 3.5hp on our and it got aloong pretty quick with all that stuff in it. and also you can go places where bigger boats cant go. awsome little boat.


16-02-2005, 12:55 PM
personly i like the smaller kayaks like the dagger drifter2

but really you will need to ask yourself alot of questions first like
sit on-top or sit-in or open like the scanoes
also how far to the water do you want to travle
i can tell you if your like me and want to get right up into the backwaters chaseing the bigger bass you might be looking at travleing a distance over land from the road to get to the river so you will need to think of weight
also how much stuff do you want to be takeing with you as that will then give you a ider of how much storage you will need
to give you a ider i have a 3meter dagger driffter all i have added was a paddle leash and rod holder i can take a small stove a fart bag and two man ten with some food (stuff like noodles and tin food)i also take two rod for the weekend trip we put in up river and most distance we have had to walk into was about 2kms but some dryer rapids we do need to walk down if they isn't enoght water apart from that it is just paddle down the white stuff
i also use it for after mwork fishing in the canals for the bream
all in all they thing is small enoght and light enoght with heaps of storage and still easy to paddle and FUN!
OPPS forgot to tell you that that setup would give you change out of $700 brand new

16-02-2005, 04:17 PM
The only problem with those is that we fish in croc infested waters of the upper reaches of the Herbert River. You need an outboard not only for the distance being covered but to also scare them away from the canoe. With an electric it makes no noise so they come to check it out. So far only had little ones come up for a look but with the outboard the noise seems to scare them away. Also that little thing would get cdragged into the snags with a decent barra on.

By the way the guy I go with has had enconters with bullsharks as well in the skinoe, not fun

16-02-2005, 04:35 PM
come on devo wheres your sense of adventure ;)

yeh i wouldn't like to be too close to any of those walking handbags in any canoe (and some tinnys) but as far as the bullys we have a fair lot down this way and so far haven't had any show much intrest in the kayak (in the bass well thats another story >:() i'v had a few swim under me and next to me no problems
i have has some rather big eels take alikeing to the kayaks but ;D

16-02-2005, 07:09 PM
I don't mind rowing to much and the place i have in mind is only a couple of k's by water (fished it before in a mates inflatable). I'll probably look into a lecy on a later date. A rod holder looks handy though for a bit of trolling. No crocks down this way so a lecy might be the go.