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14-11-2005, 11:03 AM
Hi everyone,
I just signed up on the group after lurking for a while. I will start with a question for the group. I need something to take for fishing while I do the grey nomad thing towing a caravan around the country. I know you can get cheaper boats in aluminium but you have got them permanently on the roof rack of the 4WD and I have a storage problem when at home. Also they are heavier at 70 to 80ks compared to 30 to 40kgs for the inflatibles.
With a tinnie I would probably need a foldable trailer whereas with the inflatible I could get away with a couple of wheels fixed to the transom.
One major disadvantage with the inflatible is if I wanted to use one up in the croc country, although I see one of those expensive cruise boats up in the Kimberley uses inflatibles to take tourists up the inlets croc spotting!
Has anyone had any first hand experience with Zodiacs, Quicksilvers etc. inflatibles? I was thinking of a 3.1m long inflatible. If I went to a tinnie it would be 3.4 to 3.7 m long.

14-11-2005, 01:31 PM
I have had two inflatiable years ago. Both were around the 3m mark, one was rigid bottom(bought new) and the other was assemble timber floor(second hand). The second hand didn't last long as it leaked over time. I think the main thing to look for would be number of chambers, usually for the 3m size there should 2-3 chambers. If you are unlucky enough for the croc to punch the tube, you should still be able to get back. You just have to ask at the shop about the ability to move with flat tube.

I have a friend who is selling his 3.5m tinny with foldable trailer and 15hp yamaha all bought new July/August this year. Let me know if you are interested

15-11-2005, 03:36 AM
As an alternative, have you looked at the porta-bote?



15-11-2005, 08:29 AM
Apparently I haven't posted enough times to send you a private email so could you give me a call re the tinnie, trailer & outboard on 0418744247.

15-11-2005, 01:09 PM
Hi Bill. Have been through this myslef and owned everything from a inflatable to a tykahele canoe to a v-punt. Inflatables are costly, and at that 3.10m size can only handle a small outboard. This sounds ok but in the bigger estuaries you can get a fair bit of run in the tide and need some power. The inflatable blows around in the wind and storage for a fisherman is absurd. The small alloy [barra boat, v-punt] is the way to go. They are indestructible and can have rod holders fitted, sounder, storage ect .... They are also economical to purchase and easy to resell later if you want. IF, and I mean IF, you want to go all out and money is not the biggest factor - purchase the Oceancraft Oceancylinder 3.40m bult to Qld Survey for resue craft, defence forces ect ... It's an alloy version of the inflatable. It weighs around 50kg's and has a payload of 900kg's+. I have one with a 15hp Suzuki, there's nothing else like it on the market, I can lure fish the creeks and then zip 15k's out without any fear in 20knot winds. Cost? You start at $3,400.00 for the basic boat ......