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12-12-2005, 07:02 PM
Hey Ausfishers, I am staying at Bribie for the Christmas _ New year period and was after a few hints or tips to make the fishing aspect a bit more successful.
Fishing will be land based so estaury and the beach is the go.
Are there any "old faithful" beach spots on Bribie?
I also am after some tips on the best spots to gather live bait (yabbies, worms, poddys).
Thanks in advance!

12-12-2005, 08:06 PM
In around Spinnaker sound marina you can usually find poddy mullet over the beachside around the boat ramp .
You can also find bream around the boats from the shore .
It is on the mainland side just before you cross the bridge , can't miss it .

As for other beach spots , never really fished the main beach , but i hear the whiting fishing is good on the SW end of the island .( i don't do a lot of land based )
There is a bit of a drop off there and i have taken some niceflatties aswell.

Plenty of boat hire options if you want to get out and run around the passage .
and you can pick up 4 crab dillies for around $25 and try your hand at a few sandies aswell around the banks . don't have to travel far , whiting and flatties can be pulled off the same banks

I would take you for a run but i am out of town . See Mark down at the Bribie boat hire and Kiosk ( on the beach next to the boat ramp at spinnaker ) Tell him Tim told you to have a yarn with him , he can let you know whats biting and where ...he also has boat hire and bait in shop !

Best of luck to you !

12-12-2005, 08:17 PM
I dunno if you have a 4wd or not but you can pick up a beach driving permit from Bongaree caravan park and hit the ocean beach and be able to fish from the back of your vehicle, and if the fish aren't biting there is a few landlocked lagoons in behind the dunes that are nice for a family to relax in. Otherwsie Skirmish point is a good option without a 4wd for whiting at this time of year but you really take your chances in the carpark there.

The flats at the mouth of Ningi creek on the mainland side have a population of yabbies that don't take too long to get hold of for bait purposes.

12-12-2005, 08:21 PM
Thanks for the advice. I am up there for 2 weeks so i should be able to fish a few spots. I will hire out a boat for sure on one of the days and fish the passage.
any chance of mud crabs up the creeks?
Also where is White patch as i have heard that yabbies, whiting, flathead and squire are all arounf this area.

Cheers guys!

13-12-2005, 08:14 AM
Whitepatch is the most northerly 'suburb' on the western side of the island. When you cross the bridge go straight ahead through the first roundabout and then go left at the next (big) roundabout. Follow the road which makes a big slow left curve for a couple of kms. You will have development on your left and bush on your right. After the road straightens out you will cross the canals by a bridge with a shopping centre just over it on the right. Turn right around the shopping centre and drive until you cross a small bridge where a drain enters the canals. Turn left and you're in Whitepatch Drive. About 150m down this road you cross a small creek. Pump your yabbies about 50m below this bridge. There are lots of other yabby locations for the land based angler in the passage but I rate this patch the best (and one of the easiest to get to). If you want to fish this area drive to the end of the bitumen on Whitepatch Drive and walk through (50m) to the passage. (Make sure you lock your car and don't leave any valuables in it.) There are yabbies here too, but not as good as those at the creek. If you fish either side of the bottom of the tide you'll be able to wade out to the edge of 'the ledge' and get your baits into deeper water. The bream and flathead tend to lie along the edge of the crumbling mud banks that make up the ledge. If you look across the passage from this point you will see a small mangrove covered island in the middle of the passage with a long sand bank running north west. This is shag island. There are excellent yabby banks here just north of the mangroves. It's not unusual to get 6 - 8 yabbies per hole here so you can pump enough for a days fishing in less than half an hour. Drifting the edges of the banks on the rising tide you'll get bream, flathead, whiting and sole at this time of year. Other places where your yabbies might produce a feed are the ocean beach (walk north to get away from the swimmers) for summer whiting, Skirmish Point (summer whiting and dart) and Red Beach (summer whiting). The fish will bite better if there's a bit of breeze about creating some surf on the edge. Fish from dawn to about 9 am and then find some shade and a coldie until about 3 pm. Then you can start fishing again - it's the Queensland way!'
Cheers Freeeedom

13-12-2005, 09:57 AM
your a champion! i will have a geat time and get afew fish as well.
Thanks guys!!

13-12-2005, 10:22 AM
Two weeks at Bribie- niiiice 8-) 8-)
Just dont tell too many people about what a crap spot it is :-X :-X ;D


13-12-2005, 12:56 PM
REAAAAAAAAAAAL CRAP ;D ;D ;D Thats why i moved ther e...love the crap ;D ;D ;D :)

Muddies will be up the creeks ...but you will need a decent pot to get em ....well you could get them in the dillies if you like untangling birds nests ;D

13-12-2005, 01:28 PM
I can't understand why I moved to Bribie. Life is too slow. There are no bars to cross. You have to walk almost 300 metres to get to the water and all you catch is Flathead, Bream, Whiting, Trevally, Mangrove Jack, Mud and Sand Crabs and lately Mackerel and Cobia from the shores of Red Beach.

Too many choices if you ask me.

PS. The Bongaree jetty is absolutely full of Herring if you have a cast net.


13-12-2005, 01:32 PM
Mate if you like Jacks there are heaps of creeks from Toorbul (north of the bridge) and up that hold em! I go netting on red beach with mates with permits and we get so many 30+ whiting it isn't funny ay! you will see the big drop off only 5m out and if you cast in a few yabbies there your set for whiting & flatties. Cheers hope this helps ;) have fun, ha yer billo real crap ::)


13-12-2005, 02:46 PM
i could imagine that living om Bribie would be pretty rough. I really feel for you. Being a stones throw from such a rich fishing groud and all, it must be hard

14-12-2005, 11:11 AM
I was over there in Sept this year and the sand/mud flats mentioned earlier at the mouth of Ningi creek were producing about 5-6 sandies per pot per day. We were doing it by boat but at low tide the flats are exposed enough for you to walk out and drop them in shallow water that will be well covered at high tide. We were told that the muddies should be there also but it might have been a little early, but not now. We stayed at Woorim caravan park for two weeks and had an awesome time, hope yours is the same,



14-12-2005, 04:41 PM
Hey Bilo where can you get dillies for 4 for $25.
I might have to go visit BCF.
Are the creeks the best bet for fishing if hiring a boat? I heard that good fish can be taken around the bridge pylons. Is this true?

14-12-2005, 08:47 PM
boat traffic will be well up at this time
of year so i would be just trying to find a spot say
down at white patch. i think it would be your best bet
mate. best of luck and you can pump yabbies along the
banksia beach foreshore ( near whitepatch) .
p.s. i got some dillies from A@art A@sports a while ago
for 4.95 each ready to rock and roll.
hope this helps

15-12-2005, 11:06 AM
I've fished bribie a few times, and yes good fish can be caught around the bridge at night. Depending on tide, conditions etc, there is some great surface action there at nights, I've had most success there using yabbies and have caught squire, bream, moses perch and tailor. The only problem is every man and his dog knows it's an ok spot and it can be quite hard to get a decent spot.

Other good spots are as mentioned...the banks out from banksia beach (as suggested, good yabbies at banksia / white patch). In the creeks can be quite productive, as can out the front of the island out from the passage around the yellow beacon and in close near buckley's hole (can fish off the beach here for flathead, whiting etc). Another good land spot would be around the Bongaree jetty.