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07-12-2002, 05:04 AM
I'm finishing off my open water diving course with a dive on the Captain Nilsson and another off the end of the Tangalooma jetty on Saturday.

I'm taking the boat and my other half along as well. We'll leave early - get a bit of mackeral fishing in - do the dives then finish with a nice snorkel on at the wrecks.

If anyone pulls up a slightly slow and overweight black blob with fluro fins, mask and snorkel, please be kind and practice catch and release.


07-12-2002, 06:39 AM

Curtain can be an intersting dive, when the water is clear. Gives you plenty of practise is clearing yourself of mono.

Another intersting shallow dive is at Bulwer. The wrecks on the beach, about 100 yards south where the first 4wd track enters. There are a bunch of assorted bits and pieces there. Haven't dived it for a while but city council bus, VW beetle, car tyres etc. The area attracts some good fish. and max dept of about 13m.

07-12-2002, 07:40 AM
Just double checked the weather report.

Where did that 20knot S-SEaster come from - looks a bit choppy tonight and probably tomorrow. I might not leave as early as I thought.

Dave - Dive instructor suggest the Captain because it's a bit more clear of debris etc so he can keep and eye on me.

I've dropped my brother over the side at Curtain a few times and will be hitting that place myself in the new year once I've settled on a reg and computer.


07-12-2002, 11:49 AM
Just remember brett its not the sharks you can see that you worry about, but the ones you cant see. I stay out of their water they stay out of my yard, u gotta be silly specially around moreton, where the worlds largest species of sharks have been caught, besides if i caught a
a slightly slow and overweight black blob with fluro fins i'd get my laser blaster out and make mince meat out of it, best to be safe then sorry ;D :o :P ;D :o

11-12-2002, 04:41 AM
I always figured it would have to be a bloody big shark to eat me. Seen a few at Curtain and Bulwer. They generally stay out on the edge of your vision. It's those Cobia and yellow tail kings that put the wind up you. A sleek figure at full speed out of your peripheral vision :o :o :o