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09-01-2006, 10:01 AM
Hi everyone

With the Beattie Labour Govt election promise to create Marine Parks along the whole of the Queensland Coast, one area that still hasnt been mentioned by anyone so far is the Sunshine Coast. (Sunshine Coast Marine Park) I expect that it will take in the areas from Double Island Point through to Caloundra. This will link the Great Sandy Strait and Moreton Bay Marine Parks. If you look at the way the greens and conservationaists have been going then this is an area for everyone to watch out for.

The rec fishers from around that way have a lot to lose with potential 30% closures. Places like the close in reefs off Noosa, Inner Gneerings, Murphy's, parts of the Banks and the waters surrounding Old Woman Island are likely to go for sure. Even the lakes off the Noosa River may be in jeopardy. Weyba Creek and lake will definately be up for closures. Further south you have the close in reefs at Caloundra.

It's quite scary.

Dont let the Government and conservationists take this one from us.

Do something now



12-01-2006, 04:50 PM
any Ideas Derek? Who to contact? What is the best course of action..Dasher may have some ideas? maybe PM him???

Lets use our voice...thanks for the heads up