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12-03-2006, 10:37 AM
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Iemma Government fails to Provide Adequate Marine Park Consultation

The Australian Fishing Tackle Association (AFTA), claims Iemma Government is not providing full Marine Park consultation to major Public Licence holders of both the NSW Department of Primary Industries Recreational Fishing Licence and the NSW Maritime Authority Boat licence.

Licence Data bases exist for the licence holders in each respective Government Bureaucracy and these same Marine and Fishing Authorities are part of the Marine Parks process.

This complete oversight by Iemma Government is locking out local Input from Coastal Town populations and NSW Tourists, who Boat and Fish in the proposed Bateman’s Marine Park and the recently Gazetted Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park.

Fee paying public users are being totally ignored by the Marine Parks Authority, who have to date provided very little communication with the public at large and highly selective in its direct mail campaign to Commercial Fishers and any public meeting process.

Previous Marine Park consultations including, Cape Byron have used a loose method of consultation which ignored the majority of written public submissions against the Governments final zoning.

Doug Joyner, Executive Officer, AFTA, said of the consultation process “It is a complete oversight of broad consultation available in NSW” he went on to say, “If the Labor Ministers responsible think that fast tracking immense no go areas to the Boating and Fishing public, by excluding these same users input, than the Iemma government is failing”.

The fast tracking of the Marine Parks process lacks any direct bio diversity studies and relies heavily on assumed environmental outcomes, with a complete avoidance of whole of community, socio and economic impacts along the NSW Coast.

AFTA calls for responsible government action that is inclusive and that all user paying stakeholders begin to be treated in an equitable manner.