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17-04-2006, 03:09 AM
Gday all,
i'm just new to this site but my best mate cuzzamundi has been on here forever and i felt the need to post the following. It has recently come to my attention that an american based environmental group is making an attempt to ban recreational game fishing in australia. After looking into this issue i have found that there is quite a bit of truth in this claim. this group ridiculously appears to have a great deal of vote pulling power with the politicians to implement their idea's. i realise that for alot of you this is information u already know about, but for those of u who don't u only need to pick up some of the fishing mags out there to see its being talked about. I feel extremely angry about this group who alot of them feel the need to be apart of a cause so they can tell themselfs that they care, what a load of crap so many more worth while issues they could look at and make a real difference to the world instead of trying to ruin an important aussie past time which does no real harm to the world and its environment. And shame on the fellow aussie supporters of this group and the politicians who listen to them. although i do not work for nor am i involved with any group or movement against this group i am looking into becoming a member of The Australian Fishing Party to try and stop the ban and be heard where it makes a difference. if u would also like to look at this option u can go to www.sunfishqueensland.org..._party.htm wether this is the option to stopping this ban or not i do not know, but i do know we can not let the yanks tell us we can not go game fishing anymore this to me is unexceptable.

happy sharking to all hopefully forever

17-04-2006, 06:08 AM
Gamefishing is a sport for the idle rich, never fear their political power is more than enough to stave off such an attack. Not to mention the bucks they bring in with em! If you want to protest, send a letter to hlooywood Pete with details of how much Game FIsherman spend when they visit!

17-04-2006, 06:52 AM
Oh well,

If they arent happy with the in roards recreational fishermen have made into game fishing (tag and release, tag tracking programs, banning blue and black marlin from commercial capture) then maybe we should start hanging them all up on the gantry again .... then see what they have to say about things.
If tag and release is inhumane, then surely killing must be more acceptable.

Feral is totally correct with the political sway of the more wealthy people within the game fishing circle. The majority that own the bigger boats are business owners, and charter operators, and all have political contacts.

So, if they are banning recreational game fishing ... where does this put the long liners? Commercial operation or recreational fishing ... the end result is the capture of a game fish.

I personally think they are pi$$ing in the wind. When you aim high, and pi$$ into the wind, we all know what happens ;D ;D ;D

I also personally dont think a total ban could ever happen ... imagine the uproar from so many areas, rec fishing, tourism, tackle stores, opposition political party.

I for one would be in for the count ... and up in arms - literally.

Anyway, I am pretty stupid ... just cos I troll for whiting over the shelf and keep catching this nuicance bycatch with a bill ;D



17-04-2006, 07:40 AM
hi all,
the organisation is called PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) or as i like to say Please Eat The Animals ;D ;D
the have a yearly budget of over $US27 million. these guy's have more drinking silver than the game fishing industry has money.they are supported by the likes of Linda McCartney (George Mcartney's wife), many hollywood actors (which attract movie $$). these guy's have all the money in the world if they want it. a few phone calls to raise funds for a campaign and hey presto, "here is $US10 million, go get em"

in australia they have already caused the loss of australian wool contracts because we continue to mulse our sheep. the contract was worth millions. just last week a billboard advertising company pulled their billboards of lambs with bleeding arses after being mulesed, because they were too graphic. average city joe thinks yeah that is cruel, dosen't know why it is done. i recon it would be worse having your arse eaten out by maggots, if the sheep weren't mulesed, but peta don't tell you that

have a look at their web site www.peta.org and see the what they are on about.

they put up billboards with dogs with fishing hooks hanging out of their mouths, with slogans like, it is illegal to do this to your dog, why do it to fish. they have a "your daddy kills fish" campaign. another one of their slogans is "your daddy kills fish, will your dog be next" etc. this they are rolling out to kids, making fishing bad and cruel. they have short storey books that they distribute to kids that reinforces this crap

game fishing and tag and release both saltwater and freshwater are firmly in their sights. in germany for example it is illegal to catch and release, this is on the basis that it is cruel to fish. many other european countries have simmilar laws. the presedence has been set

up untill recently they had a link to their website on the DPI&F website.

don't take these guy's for granted, they are very well funded, well organised and structured.

it is very easy to tell the average joe how cruel it is to drag a 1000lb marlin in over 2 hours then harpon it with a piece of plastic and let it go.
it can be very emotive stuff. joe average has no idea, but is willing to believe the crap they are sprouting.

they have resorted to violence in the past to achieve their agenda.

don't write them off. we need to be informed about groups like this, and provide a decent reasons why we enjoy our sport and why we do it. calling them a bunch of wankers and telling them to buzz of is the worse thing we can do.


17-04-2006, 12:44 PM
yeah Dazza,
thats the group i was talking bout thanks for adding the missing pieces there for me.

To all reading this post,
My intent with posting this issue was simply to make unaware people aware of PETA and that they do have there eyes set on us here and they are starting with recreational game fishing and thats the truth of the matter. Now as for if they can get anywhere with that or other area's of the sport or industry who knows. i do think its good to hear everyone's opinion though and at least if we are all aware of the beast it can be defeated when need be. would love to hear more opinions on the matter though so thanks to all for your replys.

Feral and Grand_Marlin,
i sure hope u boys r right and we all have nothing to worry about.

happy fishing

17-04-2006, 01:23 PM
fastmantis check out the news section in this forum.
very eyeopening

17-04-2006, 02:48 PM
Why is everyone so paranoid about all this...all you do is give this mob credibility by mentioning their name...any publicity is good publicity...you are only helping them by mentioning them.