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19-08-2006, 02:16 PM
WOW!! This is what reaction we get just by running. Imagine what will happen if people actually vote for us.

Guys I have just been sent a copy of Labors just released "Lfestyle Policy".

This is a terrific document and for all intents and purposes, most of it could have come directly from TFPQ.

Whatever the outcome of the election we have won. Hats off to all involved.

The fight for Moreton Bay is still to be waged and we can not let our guard down. Team Beattie have developed this policy due to sheer weight of influence and to head off potentaia voter backlash, but, to call a spade a shovel. If Governments listened more often, there would be less need to political millitancy in the first place. If the backlash still happens they just won't be game to water this down.

I will attempt to post the policy here but it may be too big.

;D ;D ;D ;D Today is a good day to be in The Fishing Party (Qld)


Living the Queensland Lifestyle

Queenslanders boast a lifestyle that is the envy of people around Australia, and around the world.

We have something for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors – great places to camp, natural and marine environments second to none, national parks…and a whole lot more.

As our population is growing at the rate of more than 1500 a week, there is a need to identify and provide new or improved facilities for Queenslanders, and for our millions of visitors each year.

We also need to encourage Queenslanders to enjoy our great outdoors.

The Beattie Government plans for the future. We are committed to enhancing the Queensland lifestyle. We understand how important it is for Queenslanders to re-connect with their families and with nature.

We have an environment to be enjoyed.

Our commitments at a glance

This policy will encourage Queenslanders to live a more relaxed, more healthy and less stressful outdoors lifestyle, to reconnect with family and nature.

A re-elected Beattie Government will:

· Encourage greater participation in recreational fishing and boating by:

o Providing grants to recreational fishing bodies to conduct clinics for children

o Providing grants to fishing clubs for stocking of impoundments and waterways

o Deliver a statewide program to build, upgrade and maintain boat ramps

o Improve camping and other facilities at dams and lakes and investigate establishing new camping areas near dams and state forests

· Coordinate delivery of a South East Queensland Regional Outdoor Recreation Strategy

· Provide funding assistance for a range of recreational programs under Queensland’s 150th anniversary infrastructure program

· Provide more walking trails for energetic Queenslanders and visitors

· Maintain managed access to horse riding trails in Brisbane Forest Park and other State Forests in South East Queensland and identify State-controlled land for use by pony clubs

· Promote canoeing and kayaking trails on rivers and creeks throughout Queensland

· Take trail bikes out of urban areas and onto private rural properties through a $250,000 grants scheme encouraging owners to provide toilet and other camping facilities on their properties

· Identify other State-owned land suitable for trail bike use


There are more boat owners in Queensland than ever before. One in 22 people in Queensland is a registered boat owner.

There are now more than 200,000 registered recreational boats in Queensland. Boating is booming – growing at a rate of around 5 per cent annually - more than twice the rate of our population.

The boating industry employs up to 7000 people with a total industry turnover of around $1.2 billion a year.

Queensland has the best marine environment – salt and freshwater – in Australia.

A re-elected Beattie Government will continue to support boaties, by providing new and better boat ramps and facilities at camping grounds used by boaties and their families.

The Beattie Government allocated $18 million over three years from the Smart State Building Fund from 2004-05 for a range of new or upgraded boating facilities over three years.

Since 1 January 1998, Queensland Transport has funded 49 new recreational boat ramps at locations identified by user demand.
The ramps are spread throughout the State – from Gold Coast City to Torres Strait. In South East Queensland, there are 18 new ramps, 14 in Southern Queensland, six in Central Queensland and 11 in North Queensland.
As well as funding new boat ramps, the State Government is committed to maintaining or upgrading over 300 existing public ramps.

The 2006-07 Budget includes $14.5 million for new and upgraded recreational boating facilities, infrastructure works and navigation channels.

Another $11 million was to be spent in 2007-08 on new and upgraded recreational boating facilities and navigation channels, infrastructure and maintenance works.

A re-elected Beattie Government will allocate an additional $12 million to take the total provided for boat ramps and other boating infrastructure during a fourth term to more than $40 million.

Recreational fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes for Queenslanders. It’s part of our way of life, with one in four Queenslanders “wetting a line” at least once each year.

You only need to take a look around on the weekends to see how popular fishing is, for young and old. Recreational fishing is also a family activity where parents and children can enjoy a day out together.

A re-elected Beattie Government will commit $1.65 million over the next three years to increase the participation and enjoyment of recreational fishing in Queensland.

We will provide:

· $150,000 for up to 100 free fishing clinics for more than 3000 children over the next three years. Up to six fishing events each year will be held for people with a disability

· $1.5 million over three years for native freshwater fish re-stocking, hatchery development, fish tagging programs and research into the jungle perch species

Free fishing clinics

A re-elected Beattie Government will hold up to 100 free fishing clinics for children around the State over the next three years. Government-owned sport and recreational facilities used by schools and youth groups would be incorporated into the clinic program.

Each child (aged 8-15 years) attending these clinics will receive a rod, reel and tackle. The tuition will be provided by Sunfish, fishing club members and Fishcare volunteers. Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers will attend clinics as part of their community education work.

A further six fishing events will be held for people with a disability to give them a quality fishing experience.


A re-elected Beattie Government will provide $1.5 million over three years to enhance restocking of native freshwater fish, fish tagging and research into the jungle perch species.

$1.25 million will be used to buy fingerlings and develop hatcheries to improve fishing in freshwater dams, closed waterways, rivers, creeks and estuaries.

$150,000 will be allocated over three years to study and boost jungle perch fish stocks in Queensland waters. Jungle perch have become rare in most river systems south of Mackay, and researchers will determine the distribution of jungle perch and progress methods to breed the species.

$40,000 will be spent on fish tags to monitor recreational fish species, and $60,000 will be spent over three years on fish tag collection and monitoring groups.

SEQ Regional Outdoor Recreation Strategy

The SEQ Regional Outdoor Recreation Strategy will coordinate the delivery of outdoor recreation services in the region.

It will provide a vision for outdoor recreation and set priorities for activities such as cycling, camping, caving, climbing, canoeing and kayaking, off-road driving activities, fishing, gliding, horse riding, trail bikes, power boating, sailing, scuba diving and snorkelling, surfing, swimming, walking and waters-skiing.

The Strategy is intended to provide the means for delivering the following SEQ Regional Plan principles and policies:
· Establish and maintain a network of accessible outdoor recreation areas including regional parks, trails and waterways, as well as private lands with the voluntary agreement of landholders;

· Manage outdoor recreation areas to provide for community needs and expectations while protecting and maintaining ecological, scenic and cultural values;

· incorporate outdoor recreation activities and opportunities in land use and natural resource planning and management;

· identify and develop publicly-accessible open space that meets community and tourist needs; and

· Involve the community, landowners and other stakeholders in development and managing a regional open space network.

It will apply to all 18 local government areas covered by the SEQ Regional Plan – Beaudesert, Boonah, Caboolture, Esk, Gatton, Kilcoy, Laidley, Maroochy, Noosa, Pine Rivers and Redland shire councils and Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Caloundra, Logan, Redcliffe and Toowoomba city councils.

Sport and Recreation and the Office of Urban Management will fund development of the strategy. Delivery of the strategy will require a broader partnership between State Government, local government, the community sector and private enterprise.

A steering committee will oversee the development process, ensure stakeholder interests are fairly and reasonably considered and provide advice on strategic issues.

The Strategy is expected to be completed by December with progressive implementation over the life of the SEQ Regional Plan.

New walking trails

A re-elected Labor Government as part of providing improved facilities at camping grounds at and near dams and creeks and state forests will establish new walking trails in those areas. The trails will provide another outdoor activity for visitors.

Canoe and kayak trails

Queensland has a multitude of rivers, creeks and waterways suitable to canoeing and kayaking. Many are already used for this purpose.

A re-elected Beattie Government will encourage further use of waterways throughout Queensland for this healthy activity.

Horse riders back in the saddle

Horse riders will have continued long-term use of some management roads within proposed South East Queensland protected areas under a proposed new management scheme.

The new policy is a practical outcome for riders using the roads and conservationists concerned about damage to the protected areas.

If re-elected, we will give riders continued use of formed management roads through proposed national parks that have historically been used for horse-riding, and we will establish a management plan to ensure that adjoining national parks are not harmed.

Riders will have to abide by a code of conduct, and the management plan. A detailed monitoring plan, oversighted by independent scientists, will ensure that any harmful impacts are readily identified and addressed.

The scientific monitoring program will operate over a 20-year period with regular points of review.

And we will continue to develop safe and acceptable alternative trails outside new national parks and to allow access to lands managed by Plantations Queensland.

The project covers five areas – Noosa; Gold Coast-Beaudesert; Western Brisbane (Brisbane Forest Park); Caboolture-Bellthorpe; and Kenilworth-Mapleton.

A re-elected Government will also identify State-owned lands suitable for making available to pony clubs.

Trail bikes/off-road vehicles

A major concern of residents, particularly those on the urban fringes, is trail bike riding near homes. The activity can be noisy and annoying and is the source of many complaints to councils and police.

The Government has already moved against trail bike riders using unauthorised areas.

A re-elected Government will encourage trail bike riding in more appropriate areas, where there is no likelihood of complaints. Trail bike riders will be able to enjoy their sport without offending others.

We will offer incentives in total of $250,000 over three years, for willing private landholders outside urban areas to establish commercial operations on their properties catering to trail bike riders and 4-wheel drivers.

Eligible landowners will be able to apply for grants of up to $25,000 to build toilet and other camping facilities on their land to cater for visitors.

A number of landholders have already recognised the potential of such commercial operations that are now helping them earn income.

The Government will also seek to identify State land suitable for off-road activity.

Queensland Sesquicentennial Infrastructure Program

The Beattie Government will help fund recreational projects, including tourism facilities, pier upgrades and foreshore developments, reserves and trails and revitalisation across the state as part of the Queensland’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Building on our record

The Beattie Government has a proud record of looking after the Queensland environment, looking after Queenslanders and protecting and enhancing our unique Queensland lifestyle.

Our conservation credentials are impeccable and we realise the value of promoting recreation as part of a healthy lifestyle.

We are developing a world-class network of national parks and protected areas.

We have plans in place and are developing others to protect our marine environment – a vital part of our great outdoors – and providing the incentive, infrastructure and facilities for people to use and enjoy this great asset.

And we are identifying new areas for use as public open space.

The Beattie Government earlier this month announced that 1200ha comprising the Westgate area of Wacol would become available for public recreation and open space.

We have taken notice of the wishes of local people and we will retain open space between the prisons and Sumners Road at Riverhills. The area will be subject to minimal development.

The Government has moved to recognise and protect a vast corridor south of Brisbane.

We have established a conservation partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Defence and local councils to jointly manage the Flinders-Karawatha corridor’s public lands. The partnership followed the co-operation of many private landholders in the area who have signed Nature Refuges and other agreements ensuring their land is protected in perpetuity.

The new protected corridor will be co-operatively managed with the Councils and other public and private landholders to ensure environmental preservation and maximise public access.

The Beattie Government’s Living the Queensland Lifestyle policy takes our commitment to Queenslanders even further and will further enhance our quality of life.

19-08-2006, 02:21 PM
Have to add. Happy as a dog with 2 d&^%

This is great. Everything we have hammered. Fishing, Boating, 4WD access, Horseriding, restocking, kids fishing...just everything.

Might go have a bex and a quiet lie down. It's all just too much.

Hey Hicksy.....you must be smilin' ;) ;)


19-08-2006, 02:35 PM
kc been reading all the threads about the moreton bay and the politics and all that
reading this one is great
if they keep the promises

call me mean but it just sounds too good to be true

however i do hope they stick by their word

and enjoy the moment

all the best anya

19-08-2006, 03:06 PM
Hey KC ,time for a "media grab" ...shaking hands with ya mate Pete ;D
accepting as "cast in stone" his Lifestyle/Outdoor policy supported by...

and a few "preferences" Pete's way!! to help him out. ;)

p.s Double the $$Dollars$$ for fish stocking is a VERY good move...jmo.

19-08-2006, 03:29 PM
We are developing a world-class network of national parks and protected areas.

We have plans in place and are developing others to protect our marine environment – a vital part of our great outdoors –

Thats the part i would like to know more off. As to the other lets hope its not like going worming you swish the bag round to bring there heads up put the bait in front of them
then grab them by the head just that simple just have to have the knack :-/

19-08-2006, 03:33 PM
Read the Beattie document quick .
Did it mention that they will not go ahead with the Moreton Bay issue.

19-08-2006, 04:15 PM
No Troy, Is does not make any mention of or committments about the rezoning of Moreton Bay. This is however a bloody good start and here we are, just a week into the campaign and we have a taste of what is to come. Pork barrelling....most certainly...but I love a good pork roast ;D

We need to keep up the pressure. Recreational fishing and more importantly, the recreational fishing/lifestyle vote is now an election issue.


That was always the point.

Keep up the heat and we will get some positives about the Bay and then move on to the stupid fillet at sea rules, the 10 days closures on reef fin fish and Gulf Mac plans for Weipa....before we know it, we might actually get a pretty good result out of this election....wouldn't that make a nice change. Maybe a review of the Grey Nurse closures or ??? any suggestions guys?

All we are doing is what the greens/environmental lobby have been doing for years....the best bit is everyone knows there are a lot more of "us" and this is, after all, a democracy.

Every recreational fishing lobby group, peak body & industry council should be watching what is happening here with intense interest.

All the lobbying in the world comes to bugger all unless you can back it up at the ballot box.

This is a good day to be part of The Fishing Party (Qld) but we have a lot more work to do yet.

Maintain the rage, we have certainly got their attention.


19-08-2006, 04:18 PM
Hey Fishingjew,

Love your analogy about the beachworms....very clever.....I'll keep it well in mind.

Mind you, not a bad lookin' bag of rotten old fish heads this one, hey!! ;)


19-08-2006, 04:54 PM
kc..pork barrelling at its best...and wait till they get re-elected..not one word of that statement will happen..Pete will smile at the camera and say "At the end of the day, the bottom line is..things change"

19-08-2006, 07:04 PM
not being a sinic but are these non core promises or core promises, seems to be a big diference
keep up the pressure

19-08-2006, 07:19 PM
This is also the party that voted in a bill to alow them to LIE in parlament. Sounds good tho.
Cheers Ian

19-08-2006, 09:45 PM
Tsk, tsk. tsk!! ;)

Shame on you all for being so cynical.

When I was having a fairly long chat to the ABC last week a dropped a bit of attempted humour towards the end, which, typically was picked up and quoted.

It went along the lines of

"They recon all fisherman are liars so maybe we will make good politicians after-all".

I now reaslise this was a fruedien slip.

It should have been "Oh well, all politicians are liars, so maybe they will make good fisherman"

The best part about this "policy" regardless of wether we can trust them, is that they have announced it. This is what excites us. Labor has made a big deal of a recreational fishing policy and TFPQ can absolutely lay claim to being a large part of the reason.

It's all good mate...going off for a tooheys new to celebrate.


19-08-2006, 09:57 PM
Anybody want to buy some pork!

At least they are doing something and I hope they stick to their word, BUT - they don't call him backflip Pete for nothing.

I take it as more of an insult than anything when they come out with this sort of stuff at election time. TFPQ and Queenslanders in general have been requesting this for many years. Rec fishos are not idiots, but politicians keep treating us like we are.

19-08-2006, 10:07 PM

Couldn't have read my mind better.

Excellent news.


20-08-2006, 12:25 AM
Anybody want to buy some pork!

At least they are doing something and I hope they stick to their word, BUT - they don't call him backflip Pete for nothing.

I take it as more of an insult than anything when they come out with this sort of stuff at election time. TFPQ and Queenslanders in general have been requesting this for many years. Rec fishos are not idiots, but politicians keep treating us like we are.

Steve we all know what back pedal Pete is like and what he put in that lifestyle policy is probably 99% rubbish, but who cares. He has just publicly admited he is aware of TFPQ and he has to take them seriously. As long as our candidates poll at the election we have finally got a voice. What a great day for all fishos.

20-08-2006, 12:53 AM
Careful Steve...you might offend the "jewish vote".......me, I'm half full of "it's all good mate" and this is a hoot (plus it's hard to type when your half "all gooded" (is that a word?))

Guys this is all good. I recon politics should become an olympic sport.

Fishing is now on the political menu...bask in the moment...you helped make it happen.

There is still 2 weeks to go & a lot can happen during that time, both positive and negative but, as I said before "today (yes, I know that it was now, at 1/2 past 12 actually yesterday)...is a good day to be a member of The Fishing Party (Qld)".

Let us bask in the glory.......a bit like catching a meter plus barra......looks good in the pictures but tastes like s&^%$ ;)


20-08-2006, 06:43 AM
K.C. You are certainly right about Beattie it seems that TFPQ is making him sweat over this and about time. It is so typical of him to have a sudden change of heart over everything from the cruiseship terminal to horseriding in the state forest, I don't believe a word he says and that lifestyle policy sure does seem to have a few variables but I am really pleased that TFPQ seems to be a thorn in his political backside. If I was a chook I would be following farmer Pete and his trail of grain all the way back to the chook house, only to get locked up. I get the feeling we are being treated a bit like that. Thanks, our weight is behind TFP all the way!!

20-08-2006, 09:09 AM
Well, he has chucked you a bone Kev, but doesn't appear to be too much meat on it.

Or to continue with the worm analogy; some worms, when they sense the danger too late, pull their own heads off. :o

Call me a cynical little Gorilla but I read that crock of shite as:

Managed horse riding trails;
For pony clubs only.
Pony clubs ride when and where they tell you and probably have to apply and pay for a permit to do so.

Promote and manage trail bike riding:
They don't like where you are doing it now for free, so they will tell you to piss off out of dodge and do it when and where they tell you. Oh, and its now on private property, so your gunna have to pay for that also.

Promote Kayaking and Canoeing:
Ban motor powered boats from more areas in rivers, dams and estuaries.

Additional funding for and management of stocked impoundments:
Well they might match what money you already contribute yourselves.
You pay a SIP anyway, guess they will just up the price.
They will most likely improve some facilities in some locations and tell you when and where you can fish, and cut off access to other areas.

Fund improvements to boat ramps:
They should be doing this anyway, since they are already aware that so many people are moving to QLD and buying boats and the they already get taxes from the boat sale and trailer rego.
Maybe they will upgrade a couple of existing ramps into "mega ramps" where you can wait an hour to launch.
Then you can all launch them nicely and go and park 2m away from another 150 boats to fish wherever they tell you to fish.
In the meantime, all the smaller ones not nominated for up grade, get closed down.

A measely 1.65mil to promote fishing:
Wonder what they are spending on their re-election campaign? 1.65mill would be flat out producing and playing one tv ad I reckon.
That will probably be just for paying fisheries inspector's saleries to attend fishing classes for kids, that fisho's will have to run, and its what fisho's already do.

And noticeable by its complete absence, a clear statement on marine park closures and zoning. As per normal.

Well, the fishing party has obviously rattled his cage. But I reckon you now have twice as much work to do to make sure that average Joe Qld Fisho doesn't swallow that pile of crap come election time.

Did you see Adamy's post with Pete doing the photo op thing with the kids and the fishing lines? What a wank!

Good Luck!
PS Unfortunately, I'm a cockroach living overseas with no right to vote, so can't do much more than rant at the moment, sorry. The plan is to change that in the near future. In the meantime, congrats to the fishing party and all back in aus doing the hard yards in the fight to maintain fishing access.

20-08-2006, 11:07 AM
Hi all,
a great start.
i urge you to speak to your local candidates about fishing. when they are out pressing the flesh get into them
we have been completley f@#ked over with gbr, sandy straits, grey nurse closures and moreton bay is comming.
this policy is pure pork barreling, we need to keep the pressure on more than ever to let the pollies know we have them firmly in our sights.
this has only just begun

20-08-2006, 01:05 PM
politically niave ... #:-?

how too sink a single issue minor party or independent - promise to "develop strategies" and allocate major funding to the issues the minor party bases campaign on.

That way niave voters will assume they can have their cake and eat it - vote for a major party that is known with strong federal links etc but still get the things they held dear that attracted them to the minor party.

the beattie government are cunning political machine. By giving "paper concessions" they are merely stealing votes. I see little in the blurb other than a rhetorical statement of the status-quo for all interests (greens included) - the scarey phrases are as I have said 'developing strategies' - there is no statement of intent there.

"We are developing a world-class network of national parks and protected areas. " # :o

"We have plans in place and are developing others to protect our marine environment – a vital part of our great outdoors"
... # :o :o

This hints at intent and its not in our favour.

There is a big emphasis on stocking impoundments.

Geez I'm glad I love fishing the surf so much cause the bay boys are going to get a shafting within the next 4 years.

congratulations on your efforts kc but beware of strangers bearing gifts particulary gifts where all you can see is the wrapping.


20-08-2006, 06:26 PM
Fitzy has put up a good bit of info that is mainly from a Freshwater fishos point of view regarding the lifestyle policy.

Well worth a read, link below


20-08-2006, 06:51 PM
Come in suckers one and all, rip the top off a coldies and rejoice, our fishing future and moreton bay is safe.

A good proparganda release, so all them dumb fishos will crawl up beatties bum and vote labor in september.
Lets alll forget the fight to save moreton bay, Labor has spoken.
What a load of political come vote for me bullshit.

20-08-2006, 07:32 PM
Come in suckers one and all, rip the top off a coldies and rejoice, our fishing future and moreton bay is safe.

A good proparganda release, so all them dumb fishos will crawl up beatties bum and vote labor in september.
Lets alll forget the fight to save moreton bay, Labor has spoken.
What a load of political come vote for me bullshit.
Geez Webby.. you dont pull punches do you?!! :D We need more people like you... consider running for PM? ;D ;D ;)

20-08-2006, 08:33 PM
Have to agree with Chris and Webby,

It is good to know who is playing with who before the line breaks.

Nice bit of spin from Pete, not only looking to con the average fisho,
but also likely to influence the fishing party preferences. Be very much
prepared before sitting at the table.

That said, keep up the pressure. At least they know we are here.

Cheers Mick

20-08-2006, 11:07 PM
Don't worry mick.

To continue with the beachworm analogy: Whose Idea was that......love it anyway ;)

We liked the smell of the bag of rotten fish heads. Rose to the berley, then didn't really like the taste so we pulled our heads back in.

Smilin' Pete has come out with a nice little taste but it has a long way to go yet.

I've been around (politics) long enough to smell a dud and we will keep this issue alive.

Fish is now on the election menu & TFPQ will keep it there.


20-08-2006, 11:10 PM
& Webby...supple as a head on train smash.......do you fish 100kg braid when you fish for whiting???

On ya mate. Glad you said it....I can't. Have to be altogether toooooo polite.


21-08-2006, 10:11 AM
Yeah propaganda for sure but at least they bothered to put pen to paper, 1 year ago the Gov cafeteria coffee brand would have had more importance than penning this document. Well done TFP.

I esp like the term "Lifestyle" in an official blurb, apart from family there is nothing so important (and I don't mean the size of my big screen TV type lifestyle), life is not about the end it's about the journey, every Australians journey has suffered massively in the past 15 years.

cheers fnq

21-08-2006, 10:56 AM
I like this bit the best from one of those Aug 19 press releases.

Mr Beattie said his Government has a proven track record in looking after people who fish.

“In the lead up to the recent rezoning of the Great Sandy Marine Park, a similar fear campaign was mounted and proved untrue. We guaranteed continued access for fishers - with 96 per cent of the Marine Park available to recreational fishers,” Mr Beattie said.

Yeh right! Oh happy dayz.

21-08-2006, 11:33 AM
Keep it up K.C like you said, at least they are now talking about it and they are aware of TFPQ. Now its up to all of us to continue the fight.

Cheers and Beers

21-08-2006, 11:52 PM
I was lucky enough last week to be at function that Premier Mr. B opened with great delight for the benefits of the QLD lifestyle to the crowds of Sydney. After his speech to the masses and a few photo shots with the devoted, I managed to get his ear, and to my surprise after the topic of Moreton Bay and rec fishing was tabled, he came back not for a second chat but a third, which did nothing to empress his deputy or his entourage.
I must give Him the credit he deserves, he spoke to me with conviction about the topics concerning us as rec fishers and had plenty of quick fire ammo for the good that his party has done of late…but when it got too close to the bone it was a state leaders escape route….its the federal government’s problem…and that's what is and always will be this governments attitude, sugar on top, but no guarantee for anyone, if they cant fix a problem they create another, what happened to health after the water crisis was declared and the damming of the Mary???
From one political means to the other, does any one issue get a resolve?? Alternatively, is it just a diversion so the next issue can be addressed for the media??
Its no easy task for any government to manage a state that has the potential of QLD, so what ever the out come from this election I just hope that our voices have had enough influences to get at least one candidate to power that will support our issues and voice our opinions in the greater decision making forums.

22-08-2006, 07:44 PM
Its no easy task for any government to manage a state that has the potential of QLD, so what ever the out come from this election I just hope that our voices have had enough influences to get at least one candidate to power that will support our issues and voice our opinions in the greater decision making forums.

Nicely said Chong... heres hoping!!

22-08-2006, 09:12 PM
Gorilla, Chris aka GWH and Chong,

You have all made excellent points with this. When I read the LL'sLP (Labor Liar's Lifestyle Plan) it almost made me vomit up my lamb chops. Fair dinkum people, the way I read it it gave NOTHING to salt water fishos, but concentrated on impoundments. Any why not as far as they are concerned, they want people to embrace, the coming Traveston "mud puddle dam" up north :P and the Rathdowney "not near anywhere close enough to help dam" :-?down south. Why not make more camping areas - He just about has the whole Wivenhoe dam basin to make them in, and with our current rainfall and water wasteage, that's all it's going to be good for.

But let me warn you all, it is not what they say in that document that upsets me, it is what they don't say that does. There is nothing about keeping or improving our current access to Moreton Bay and that is the thing that worries me.

But I suppose it doesn't matter about Moreton Bay anyway, because when they make their Desalination Plants, they are probably going to dump all of the excess waste straight back into the Bay, where we will have something like the Red Sea debacle which basically can no longer sustain fish life of any description, or is that the Dead Sea - I can't remember.

Good Old Apolgetic Pete, he always has the spin, but all conmen do don't they, that's how they get people to willingly part with something they hold dear to themselves, and do it with a smile until they realise what they have lost.

It just makes me sick that when they close a large proportion of Moreton Bay off to us in 2008 - 9 they will turn around and say, "we didn't break any election promise - because we never gave you a guarantee that we wouldn't close it off." and the frustrating thing about it is that they are right, and people were just gullible in falling for this biological chocolate called a Lifestyle Plan. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

PS: But don't get the idea that I am against Labor Liars, I like to keep my politics to myself ;) ;)

24-08-2006, 07:32 AM
Moreton Bay "future" closures have NOTHING to do with THIS election....... ::)

Cleveland has a "retiring" lab. member ,i understand ,presently safe by about 8% swing ,and theoretically "safe" under "normal" circumstances.

your mission(s) if you choose to accept it.... ::)

is to reduce that margin to less than 3% after THIS election ,so the "Battle for Moreton" ,is in a SWINGING-voter electorate.

VOTE 1.....Shane Boese , vote the Greenie dude LAST!!!...jmo