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27-08-2017, 04:53 PM
At the Brisbane Boat Show yesterday I viewed both of these brand of boats. I personally have a second hand Whittley 5.3 Impala with a 90hp mercury 2 stroke. I knew nothing about Whittley boats until I stumbled across mine a few years ago at Dolphin marine Maroochydore. It was perfect for my needs, we can sleep in it, fish from it and I can launch and retrieve it on my own. I love the friends I have made in the Whittley club which I didn't know existed either.
My boat feels a bit sturdier and better finished that perhaps the Baysport ones are.
However can anyone give me their opinions. The Whittleys are a lot more expensive than the Baysport. You can get a new Baysport with a 130hp Yamaha 4 stroke, anchor winch etc & a trailer new for virtually the same price you can buy a second hand whittley.
Most of the whittleys have the stern drive perhaps this is more expensive? Or do you think the build is stronger?
I visited the Whittley factory when I was in Melbourne - great company, great history, RIP Jim Whittley. (by the way the Impala was his favourite boat & his philosophy was make a boat that the wives like and then if you keep the women happy and comfortable then you've got a win/win situation. In fact he went as far as to say he made boats for women.
The salesmen for Baysport boats reckon the reason their boats are so much cheaper is because they have fewer overheads. The builder only has a staff of 6 & works on the floor himself in Noosa. They don't promote advertising just word of mouth and they sell heaps of boats via their dealer.
Interested to hear your comments if you have looked into or owned either of these 2 brands.

27-08-2017, 05:26 PM
A big part of it is finish - that's where a heap of labour is burned up - fitting all the little fiddly bits of trim etc. Advertising costs etc certainly won't help either.

28-08-2017, 05:03 PM
The whitleys are a lot better finished when i looked at them compared to baysport. Look at the weight and construction and what you get will show why they are dearer

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