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09-12-2015, 05:16 PM
I took the fishin ski for a run up Pumistone Passage on Sunday and did some bar work at Caloundra.

We stopped at Golden Beach and had some lunch, but when we departed I noticed the ski was slow to get on the plane. It also started porpoising badly and I couldn't stop it.

After a couple of minutes I stopped and lifted the seat........... CRAP............ bloody hull is half full of water.

Went a bit further to a beach, pulled up, removed one bung and high tailed it back to the ramp, where I found most of the water gone.

On Monday, I placed the bungs in and let the hull fill with water from the garden hose. I thought I may have cracked the hull ?

Anyway, found dribbles of water coming out from the intake area.

Took some photos and sent email to Peter at Bay City Jet Skis, at Capalaba.

He got back to me within a short time and I called him. I took the ski down straight away. He gave me an opinion and pointed out some " dodgy repairs " from previous owner.

Anyway, today ( Wednesday ) he calls to say work is done. I pick up the ski before lunch time.

New impeller, impeller housing, bushes, boot, some fibreglass work, some epoxy work, 2 new engine mounts, new bilge pump with remote switch and a Tow Tap installed.

This guy seriously cares about his clients. Took a lot of time explaining what the situation was, what repairs and new parts were installed and showed me all the old stuff he removed.

To get this amount of work done in such a short time is amazing, and I can't talk him up enough.

So, if ya need a good ski mech, please give Peter a call

Just google... bay city jetskis, for all the details.

cheers LP

12-12-2015, 08:39 PM
Yep I'll second that...Nice people and seem to know their stuff...