View Full Version : Inbuilt tackle and ice box options?

23-08-2014, 11:41 AM
Now that all the painting and new outboard work is happening in the boat, I am trying to plan for inbuilt fish ice box and tackle box options.

This is how the inside of the boat looked before starting.


There are two storage boxes already with lid where the seats are attached to.
I am raising the hardtop 40-50cm as well.
My plan was to make a secondary box over existing lid to accommodate inbuilt ice and tackle boxes. Use the bottom boxes still for dual battery relocation and other bits that don't need constant access.

Had absolutely enough of sanding during the boat prep, I cant commit to fabricate the new top boxes from fibre glass/insulate/gel coat... too much work not enough time.

New plan was to bolt an esky box over one of the lid in similar sizing, this way no fabrication needed. Attach the seats on esky lid. I can carpet the esky to blend in, boat floor and sides getting carpeted anyways.
Existing lid is 95cmx55cm
Problem here is I cant find esky that opens from narrow side. wont be able to open the esky lid from wide side, the seats on top will hit side of the boat.
Any suggestions?

Similarly, what to do with tackle box idea?
I haven't been able to find large and sturdy enough tackle box to attach over the existing lid.
Was hoping to use a large tackle box with sliding storage sections.
Seats to attach on top of the tackle box.
Maybe use a kingcrome type automotive toolbox...
Any suggestins?

Overall implementing this will help with regaining the deck space, previously tackle and ice boxes were wasting most of the floor space.


23-08-2014, 01:26 PM
The guys that offer under seat frame eskies usually get the lids modified. I don't think I have ever seen one "off the shelf". I have seen some at Arnolds Fibreglass at Hemmant being done. Personally I would be more inclined to get a frame done for the seat and a removable icebox that fits under it so as to avoid having to manually mop it out or drain it into the cockpit. I think you are going to be stuck with fabricating for the tackle side of it too. Anything like Kingchrome wont last 5 minutes in the salt. You could have something Fabricated from Alloy and use the plastic tackle hatch inserts with the sliding drawers if are sick of glass work.

23-08-2014, 04:42 PM
ice box seems to be the easy one to solve.
Existing esky is similar length but little narrower.
I can disable the side hinges and relocate the stainless tightening latches from wide to narrow sides so that it is able to open from narrow side.
Removal out off the boat is easy this way also; remove the esky lid with seats, remove the esky (existing lid still attached under the esky) to empty. no need for draining.

Still thinking about the tackle box.
I like the tackle hatch inserts but will too expensive, 3 units to fill out the space, it will be $BOAT by the time finished.
Maybe epoxy priming kingcrome tool box to seal it? that thing would rattle like hell though....

23-08-2014, 09:06 PM
Usually with the icebox they cut the lid in half so the hinge is in the middle of the lid. That way the part of the lid under the frame doesn't get in the way when you want in. Have seen it done with with both glass and poly boxes