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27-11-2013, 07:49 PM
Hi all

It's been a while but I finally get the chance to get back to LHI next Nov ..... & while it is a family thing to celebrate a 50th birthday - I've managed to tack on some me time at the end when the family heads back home :P

As I said its been a while , this will be my third trip but my first in close to 20 years. So I'm curious to know if anyone has done some fishing charter's etc in recent times .
who are the best operators ..... etc These days there are more options - so it would be good to hear some experiences.
I've probably got the opportunity to fish for kingies at Balls Pyramid , Game fishing the South West Banks & finally do some lighter fishing in the lagoon for double headers etc ( all weather dependent.... its all about the weather::))

anyhoos - hopefully there are some members with recent experiences....