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Mrs Ronnie H
12-01-2012, 10:32 AM
Hi all
I have noticed of late there are alot of people asking for fish id's. I bought my hubbie a Grants guide to Fishes and also have an edition of Fishermans Companion. Both are really great additions to a fisho's library and you can find it great as a reference when you are trying to identify a fish.

also Mods I know we have a photo library--- would it be possible to have a section for Fish id's only. It would be a good starting point to finding out about your fish.


12-01-2012, 01:14 PM
what you say is good, and even having a fish book of some sort at home is a great idea, BUT, like all things, you have to use them, for some reason, lots of people post rather random questions here, that a quick visit to "google" or the relevant authorities would have yielded the answer is seconds, but I also see how posting a question will sometimes raise awareness and let others know about all sorts of stuff, what's answer? don't know.

14-01-2012, 09:45 PM
I wouldn't be without my 'Grants', or any of the other reference books I have on fish ID's. Along similar lines to you Noel - I like it when people post asking for a fish ID. Firstly it gives me some practice at using those books, and also stretching the memory. I also look at it as an on line education tool for all us ausfishers to increase our knowledge of fish species in the waters we fish. I wish the mods would put up a seperate thread or section for fish ID's, maybe call it 'what fish is this'........never mind...I will do it myself and ask for it to be made a 'sticky'.