View Full Version : Which House Boat for Sandy Straights

Andrew M
27-09-2011, 10:19 AM
Hi All, just after a bit of feedback on Houseboats for the Sandy Straights.

A few of us had been planning a week fishing around the Colesseum Estuary in early November, but with the fishing closure in that area at the moment & maybe longer we thought we should look at alternatives.

I have done some research on the four main hire companys running out of Tin Can Bay & they all seem fairly similar in specks & pricing. Can anybody shed some more light on who, in your opinion is good & what are some of the not to be missed spots to visit on our adventure?
Also any good fishing & crabbing spots would be appreciated.

Cheers Andrew

27-09-2011, 04:49 PM
We (3 mates) were thinking about doing this last year and ended up hiring a sailing cat through fraser escape from hervey bay. Top week. About the same price. Took a couple of rods and rod holders-sailed around and trolled in 25kn SE in the lee of fraser. Macks to 25kg, NOrthern blues to 10kg, spotties, mack tuna. Top week. JUst another option to think about. Let us know if you want any more details.