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05-05-2010, 05:39 PM
I had 2 weeks holiday so took the yak up north all the way to Townsville with a bit of fishing at a few spots. Had to watch out for crocs, jellyfish and 5+ metre tides but saw some great parts of QLD, some fished well and some didn't.

Smalleys Beach is outside of Mackay, quiet camping spot with a large shallow bay which is high and dry at low tide. Tried fishing out around the rocks with no luck. Saw a couple of barrra jump clear out of the water near the mouth of the creek but was a bit worried about the 3 elements mentioned above.

Decided to head down the creek about 1 hr before high tide. Saw a few more barra chasing baitfish but water was very dirty and couldn't see baitfish myself. Flicked lures and some bait around the mangroves and nothing was interested. I left a frozen worm out in the main flow and went off screaming. A very short fight and a nice grunter bream was soon at the side of the yak just wallowing around a bit tired from fighting the current. A PB for me in this species at 45cm and he sure made a great meal that night for me and the misses.

Also, only used 2 4" rods (smallest I could find) which I picked up for $20 each at the last Tinnie and Tackle show. Great rods which take plenty of force and so much easier to re-rig and untangle than longer rods in the yak.

06-05-2010, 07:20 PM
Nice report Drew. You have big Kahunas paddling around those parts with some of the bities that inhabit those areas. Shame you couldn't tempt some of those barra, they would have given those little rods of yours a good going over.