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29-11-2009, 08:49 AM

I'm thinking about a tinny, say 5.5m maximum and want the best ride I can get. I have a theory that the main things that affect ride comfort are:

Position in boat
Seating or standing
Boat weight
Dead rise (and hull shape generally)

Position in boat - the further down the back the better end of story as far as I can tell. My old V-sea was not a bad boat but you were so far towards the front of the boat that as it bounced over every wave, you really felt it. So for a tinny, I'm thinking tiller steer

Seating or standing - Standing is better, that means a centre console and that means being further foward. So I think sitting with some sort of really good sprung seat.

Boat weight - the heavier the better, but given that I want a tinny, they are all about the same weight

Dead rise - ditto for above - they are all about the same from one tinny to the next

So I am thinking a 5M+ tinny with two sprung pedesdal seats down the back. I assume that I will get pretty wet from spray with this set up, as the only downside. Should be pretty good to fish out of.

It would be good to get one with nice high sides - Any suggestions or comments.


29-11-2009, 09:10 AM
whats your budget?
If its decent, then any boat builder can whack a console anywhere you like within the boat

29-11-2009, 09:22 AM
Hello Whichway,

IMHO you might consider a Webster Twinfisher, they ride much better than any tinny of similar size.
What do you want use the boat for?

Jarrah Jack
29-11-2009, 01:53 PM
So many variables whichway. Best to let everyone know in which conditions you mean for a start. I love the 22 degree deadrise of a Haines so I would say the larger degree the better but you may be better off choosing your own shortlist to suit your conditions and budget and then ask for opinions.

The seamedia website has a number of tests of tinnies

29-11-2009, 03:29 PM
Your above post has just pretty much described a polycraft 4.8 brumby rear console - whether inadvertantly or not. Maybe you should throw one into the mix?