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23-11-2009, 01:45 PM
the old man is looking at a new boat and went to logan marine and spoke to paul about the bluefin rangers.

he's looking at the 5.0m, but is considering the 5.25 gulf explorer.

engine options with the price he offered was a 80 etec or 75 honda 4stroke, can upgrade though obviously. dont want to start a 2stroke vs 4 stroke debate, but im leaning towards the e-tec simply because we've always had a 2 stroke. is 75-80hp sufficient for this size hull ?

anyone have a ranger or been in one ? how do they ride ?

this is the boat we looked at http://boatpoint.ninemsn.com.au/boats-for-sale/boatdetails.aspx?R=7928444

havent really been able to find info on this model :-/ pro's/con's ?

24-11-2009, 01:29 PM
anyone .... ??

29-12-2009, 09:56 PM
Gday Iqarus,

I am an owner of a Blue fin 5 meter CC Ranger and to be honest i would not recommend them at all. I live in Mackay and the chop up here is a half chop when combined with a south easterly Isn't pretty. The boat i have is a 2002 model and would have to be the wettest and roughest boat i have been in. I still have the boat but have had to make clears up to go around the front of the boat which is then connected to a targa top. It also has a tendency to broach in a following see and have several ribs/stringers begin to crack under floor. If you do invest in one of these i recommend buying good quality raincoats.

Hope this helps.

31-12-2009, 09:25 PM
Secret is right. I had a Bluefin 525 Cabin and couldnt wait to get rid of it. Sure looked ok and the wife loved the niceties onboard but didnt ride well, to say the least, offshore or in any exposed waterway with the smallest of waves or chop. In fact I am lucky I didnt need a knee replacement. Used to bang all the time. Comes I think from the sharp entry and flat hull. It had signs as well of rot in the timbers from not having a watertight cabin, and it constantly dripping in times of rain in the yard before I bought it. This and other unpleasantries about the boat made my decision simple to get rid of it and quickly.

31-12-2009, 09:37 PM
Oh and should I say after having the 115 etec with the bluefin and even thought I thought this was THE best engine and I would never buy anything else after having being sold a 100 yam with the new boat I would never go back to the etec. Even just a simple thing of trading the old etec took a few days for them to send it to someone to put the diagnostics on the thing to see if I looked after it ok. And besides the (worse off) fuel economy, the thing chewed thru a hell of a lot of 2 stroke oil.not forgetting also the strong fume smell when trolling the etec that I do not get all all with the yam. And I thought the etec was quiet. The yam is better. much better.
Oh and other things with the bluefin-
with the skids on the trailer it was a bugger to launch and retrieve
There must have been a fault as under 10 hours on the water the battery drained in all of 10 minutes (and 2ks offshore) forcing me to buy a second battery
It used to expel at least 2 litres of water from the bungs from even only a couple of hours on the water
Long list of other things I would prefer not to remember

01-01-2010, 09:21 AM
hey iqarus
i havnt had much to do with the blue fin rangers myself. however were i think they are let down is there hull shape. just throwing it out there but another center console worth a look would be the formosa's. i have a 5.2cc and it handles rough seas amazingly not to mention the incredibly high sides. i only have a yammy 70hp 2 stroke on it and yes its a tiny bit underpowerd but i beleive the formosa would be alot heavier then the ranger.. although its great on fuel i can go to moreton island and back from bribie on 26 ltrs.. thats over 40klms and it still pulls about 60klms/h so im happy with it just an idea might be worth a look!