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14-11-2009, 04:45 PM
hi all,

in the market for a smallish tinnie, either a 3.9 stacer proline or a quinnie 3.85 explorer. would a honda 15hp 4 stroke do the job (be powerful enough) for myself (most of the time) and 1 mate, an eski etc on the estuaries?

also what would a decent ply floor set me back for the above tinnies and are there any links on here or elsewhere to doing it yourself? also can anyone recommend someone to do it for me on the goldy that's relatively cheap and does a great job?

sorry bout all the silly q's


14-11-2009, 05:02 PM
yeah 15hp is enough to get you all over an estuary. i do stress strongly that if you are to have your mate his stuff and the esky along that you also invest in a prop of say 1 or even 2 pitch less than the standard prop supplied.

It will mean swapping to and from each time but it only takes a few minutes.

cheers fnq

14-11-2009, 05:28 PM
hi FNQ and thanks for the reply,

would the different prop be good only when i have company? and is this for economy and/or power reasons? also given your advice, should i leave the different prop on rather than changing on/off, would it matter?

and the prop that would be on the motor already, how do i tell if i need to change it or if its already the right one? make sense?

14-11-2009, 05:37 PM
I run a 15 honda 4 stroke on a 385 quintrex, with a ply floor, 2 people and all the gear top speed 18 knots with the std prop. Second person has to stay up front to get on the plan. more power would be nice but you don't need it and very economical to run.

14-11-2009, 05:44 PM
Yeah makes sense, in my experience the prop that comes standard with portable engines usually end up over proped on anything but a bare tinny.

The deal is the standard prop will probably be great for a fast blat just you and your fishing gear but add a mate up the front and you may even struggle up onto the plane. Changing this out for a lower pitch will provide pep and acceleration when your mate is along it will also... believe it or not give you a better or about the same top end in this situation than the standard prop would have.

Best to change it out each time to suit your load, chances are after you have experienced the difference once and you forget you may not forget again the difference will be quite marked.

Longer term the correct prop will see less dilution of the sump oil by raw fuel and less carbon deposits on valves etc..economy may not change very much.

cheers fnq

14-11-2009, 06:02 PM
a 15 hp will be ok with that load. My floor with casting decks and carpet ect was about $400-$500 from memory. thats including ply,carpet, screws and glue
Cheers TT

14-11-2009, 06:48 PM
Have a look at the makocraft estury tracker . very beamy with good sides. Karee marine has them and should have them in stock also. I have the 4.4 and am very happy.

14-11-2009, 08:46 PM
I would agree with the others on the motor, but my contribution is towards your floor.

I would make my own floor. I haven't looked at the boat you are looking for the layout, but I had an old Horizon 4.2m which I did the floor myself and it cost me less than $100 to do (A mate had the carpet which he kindly gave me). If you are a little handy with the tools and have a jigsaw, crosscut saw and a drill you can easily do it yourself. 1/2 inch ply is good with something like a pine stud to lay on the keel to give it support.

The way I did it was lay and cut the pine first and lay it on the keel. Then get a big cardboard box, like the kind a fridge comes in (easy enough to come by - usually new home sites will have plenty in the skips). Mark out a template with the cardboard, around the ribs of the boat, remember do not get too ambitious as a little floor goes a long way. Make sure your template sits nice and flat on the pine stud.

Next - transfer your template onto your sheet of 1/2 inch ply and trace it out. Cut it out with the Jigsaw, sand off the edges.

Before putting it all together you need to waterproof it. There are various waterproofing compounds on the market and I think they are probably all as good as one another. When in doubt - go with Selleys products though - they are usually sound. You will need to give a few coats to your pine and the ply (All sides) before putting it together. Concentrate on the end grain as this is where water is most likely to penetrate. The more coats you apply - the better.

Attach your ply to the pine with stainless steel wood screws and glue it with construction adhesive as well - it will never come apart. I sealed the two after they were dry with silicone all the way around to prevent any water penetrating between the two pieces of timber (just extra insurance).

Then I applied my carpet with ordinary Bear Contact - (They don;t make it any more but they make a generic fomr of it and it is the same stuff. Use a paintbrush or roller to get an even covering and then stretch your carpet over the top and around the sides. Dom't try to do it in one go, do the top first, then the end grain and then the underneath. Wait a day or so for it to completely dry before each step. Then your job is done and it will last you ten years at least if you keep it dry between fishing trips. You can pull it out and hose it off (Water restrictions given due consideration of course) and let it dry on its end before putting it back in the boat.

Easy to do, but a bit time consuming and the great thing is you have saved yourself hundreds of dollars and you get the satisfaction of having done it yourself. When I traded my Horizon to a dealer, they commented on the quality of the floor and asked me where I got it done, I was chuffed to announce I made it myself. It was about seven years old at the time I sold the boat.

Hope this helps.


tin can marlin
14-11-2009, 09:13 PM
a 15 hp will be ok with that load. My floor with casting decks and carpet ect was about $400-$500 from memory. thats including ply,carpet, screws and glue
Cheers TT
Some good advice here

15-11-2009, 12:37 PM
some great advice yeah, thanks all. Ideally i'd like to buy an outfit all done up so I dont have to do anything (too bloody lazy and a SH handyman) but with a budget under $7k, i'm hoping i'll find something. cheers all :)