View Full Version : Setting up Multi roller trailer - Lining up winch post

13-11-2009, 04:07 PM

I have been adjusting the rollers on my new Dunbier suparoller trailer. I have adjusted all rollers so that they are away from the chines and positioned inside rollers as close to the keel as possible, as outlined in the user manual

However, the boat does not line up with the winch post..... it pulls to the left of it. I have measured the positioning of the roller assemblies on the frame of the trailer and found them all to be in the middle of the trailer frame itself. I assume there is not supposed to be any need to move the roller assembly itself to the left or right of the trailer frame.

The local dealer instructed me to do just this....... However there is no mention of the need to move the roller assemblies on the frame of the trailer itself in the user manual, only to adjust the individual rollers and the height of the front roller assemblies.

It is really irritating. Can anyone provide some advise before I go moving roller assemblies etc all over the place?


13-11-2009, 04:28 PM
If it moves to the left it could be that the rollers on the left side are a tadd too low and if you lifted the centre box tube that supports the quad and double wobble rollers a tadd on the left side you might find this moves the boat centreline to where it should be.

Good luck with it, I know I spent a few hrs under a roller trailer with the boat on it and me under it with the jack and spanners to get all 29 rollers up (or down ) to the right position so they were all equally easy / hard to move with the boat sitting on them.