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09-11-2009, 06:05 PM
I am looking at buying a new boat and have been looking at the stacer 479 sunmaster does anyone have any feedback for this particular model and looking for either a 50 hp merc or a 60 hp yam( both 2 stroke) which motor would be the best for this boat (is the 60 hp yam worth the extra dollars?)
I want to be able to fish off moreton and fraser islands. A little further out than the bay areas

Any advise is greatly appreciated

10-11-2009, 02:54 PM
Lucky you. I recently purchased a second hand Stacer Baymaster 475 with 70 Johnson two stroke.

Fantastic. Very smooth on the water, easy to tow, launch and retrieve. Great in Port Phillip bay. Plenty of family room. The motor runs very well with lots of grunt.

Surley your newer version would be even better.

We have all the covers, bimini, rocket launchers and rear bait table etc. Everything in its place and thought out. No clutter. Highly recommended.

This is my first boat and I'm surprised how easy it is to use. Very relaxing.

I've been in the same boat with a 50hp 4 stroke. It was quieter on the move with no 2 stroke smell. I wouldn't be fussed either way.

But life's too short to procrastinate. Get out and do it now.;D