View Full Version : Question for Port Phillip boaties

01-11-2009, 11:35 AM
A question for Port Phillip savvy boaties: In your opinion, what would be a safe sized boat and boat /motor combination to go snapper fishing on the bay? I have a 4.8m Savage half cabin with 50hp Merc (old but reliable blue band). Having ventured out for my first trip a few weeks ago and winds not seeming to be too strong, I was surprised to find how much the boat was rolling around. I stayed in fairly close to shore (maybe that was a mistake?). Any opinions please?

05-11-2009, 08:27 PM
Mate i live at Mount Martha and i fish out of my 4.2 tinny. You have to pick your days but a 4.8mtr should be fine for anything up to around 15 - 20kn. Just remember a Westerly will really create big swells where as a s/e will be relatively flat.
Cheers mate i hope you get onto a few reds.