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the baker
14-09-2009, 11:58 PM
Hey all just wanting some tips on what type of sounder unit to put in a dorado yak, and can you put a through hull transducer in them. Any advice and photos of the set ups would be great, I have got around $300 to spend.

thanks Dave.

15-09-2009, 08:59 AM
You can put any sounder within your budget on your yak. Through hull should not be an issue. The dedicated kayak fishing forums will have plenty of info and 'how to's' in their respective DIY sections.


02-10-2009, 03:17 PM

As Kev said, the standard transducer can be used in any kayak - you don't necessarily need the through hull type. Most kayakers either stick the tranny inside the hull with Selleys All Clear or use the wet method. The wet method can be done 2 ways - cut the exact same shape of the tranny in a deep peice of high density foam and glue it to the bottom of the yak then fill the tranny hole with water then push the tranny into it or use a plastic tray (tupperware type) and fill it with water and seat the tranny securely in the bottom. I've used the direct sticking of the tranny to the inside bottom of the yak with Selleys All Clear and have never had a problem. One point about this - Selleys All Clear take at least 1 week to cure.

Have a look at the DIY sections on either www.akff.net (http://www.akff.net) or www.kfdu.com.au (http://www.kfdu.com.au) Both these show how other yakkers have done it.

In terms of what type of sounder. Whatever your budget can afford. The better the sounder the better resolution and clarrity you get. Obviously colour sounders give the best image separation. Also consider the cost of other materials for the job in your budget like Selleys All Clear, Mounting brackets and stainless screws, plus battery(s) and chargers etc. On the battery. I swear by the AGM type batteries, as they have a long life, hold the charge for much longer, can operate lying down, charge up much quicker etc. They cost a touch more than the standard sealled lead acid batteries - but are worth the extra cost.

Low end sounders for yaks would be Eagle Cuda 168 or 300 or Lowrance 50 range. Humminbird are OK - but most low end models only have fish ID (not fish arch).