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20-04-2009, 10:35 PM
Hey all, I have put this in the wanted section, but thought it might get a run here also.
I am on the lookout for a pedal Hobie, would like to keep in under $1600.
But realise I might be dreaming. There was an outback that just went for $1600 but I missed it!
Doesn't have to be decked out, just need the yak and a seat really.

Also if anyone has had any problems with the mirage drive I would like to know about it.
All help appreciated.


21-04-2009, 02:43 PM
Good luck Red, they are rare to find at that price mate. Most people spend around $2400 for them new, and there isnt much to wear out or go wrong with them and very few people sell them as they meet all requirements.

They are a great fishing platform, and I would probably buy a 2nd one if I could at that price :)

I know my 2007 Hobie Outback is still looking almost new. I was tempted to sell her and get an outfitter so I could take the missus.... but I am undecided whether to get a 2nd hobie for her :)

21-04-2009, 08:23 PM
They are rare, but it does happen, so worth a try.
There are a couple on ebay at the moment around that, but the price will ramp up.
They both have buy now prices under $2Gs so I'm hopeful.
Just can't afford any more, the $1600 will be stretching it.
I'd love an Outback...
Cheers Roydsy.

22-04-2009, 01:24 PM
i dont know where you are mate, but if your in qld pinheads recent post about brought another yak says mal from sunstate has a few second hand hobies from the abt but hasnt got a price listed , worth asking if your local

mal is awesome thats where i got my hobie from

22-04-2009, 08:26 PM
Hi mate,
You can try the www.akkf.com.au (http://www.akkf.com.au) website ,there are a few guys that pick up some good hobies used on there for under $2000. I have an outback with the mirage drive, if you wash them when used in salt, give them a spray with Inox and keep the chains adjusted and they will last years. Great yaks the Hobies.
Cheers Mate.

22-04-2009, 10:48 PM
thanks guys I'm a member of about 3 yak sites and I'm checking all of them constantly.
The guys at Sunstate have a couple, but both over $2Gs.

23-04-2009, 11:32 AM
I'd think about selling mine but it would be ex Melbourne....

25-04-2009, 07:33 PM
Thanks to "Getout" for his PM.