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25-03-2009, 09:07 PM
Yeah i know, pic doesnt do the fish any justice:)(was a nice fish) but uploaded for a reason.
This Fish i would certainly lay bets on is the same fish i hooked and lost twice on the previouse arvo and on the same spot!!.
Hooked the beggar first time previouse arvo and had him up beside the boat jut to let go the hooks which i could see were only just hooked beside and back o the gillcage..
Hooked him once more maybe halfe an hour later??, up beside the boat and parted with the hooks just as the mate was about to sink the gaffe in him..
Came dusk, night , caught otheries and the next morning first thing was to hoik the mackeral Rod out "JUST TA SEE ??" if he was still out there claiming the territory ::) lol n sure nuff werent too long before he made the mistake of strike three;D ..
No more tickled the mackeral gear that morning which made me think it was the same fishing hunting the area, and the conditions were ripe for more mackeral along with schools of baitfish galore in the area??..

10-04-2009, 09:58 PM
stud mack mate!!

13-04-2009, 06:56 PM
great looking fish Volvo!!!...were you trolling livies???...gang hooked pilly???...what bait got you this beasty???
cheers for the piccie...what did it weigh???

Mrs Benno1

17-05-2009, 05:32 PM
Cheers n sorry for the late reply Benno, but have been out of the Picture for awhile with Holiday n getting Daughters Wedding organised etc..Nup was on the anchor floating a Pille out back o the Boat , ganged hooks and short trace(wire aprox eight inches long).. Normally eight to twelve inch wire trace is ample for any Mac foar as this little ducky is concerned ey:)..Weight??? Couldna tellya mate and hardly ever weight my Fish nowadays, been there done that and unless it seems to be bigger than a past catch i dont worry about it..Cheers