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17-03-2008, 01:09 PM
i was just reading a funny (but also sad) tid bit from an excert of a daily newspaper from california,, where 2 mates went on a shooting/fishing weekend,, and to cut it short,,, one mate got shot by the other whilst he was stalking a fish using fly gear,,, and his mate had a shot at a duck as it was floating down the creek,,,, apparently the buckshot richochetted of the water,,, and sprayed his buddy,,,, not fatally,,,, but still knocked him over,,,;D ;D

reminded a bit of my grandfather who built a ""bazooka"" style cannon that he used to cast his fishing line into the surf of the 90 mile beach in victoria,,,,, the cannon was made from water pipe,,,, tin beer can with the top cut off held the weight,,,, this was slid into the pipe,,, and the old fashioned ""penny banger"" was slid under the can via another small diametre piece of water pipe welded at the base,,,, average ""cast"" was about 100-150 mtrs,,, dependable on weight used and wind,,,,

how he didn't kill someone,, (or himself) was amazing

much the same as me fishing as a kid of the jetty's at port albert ,,, i use to fish between the boards of the jetty to snare mullet,,,bream,,,flathead,,,

yeh well you get the picture,,,,, but i was only 6 or 7,,,,,,,,, caught heaps of fish tho,,,,, not to many pics to show for it;D ;D ;D ;D


17-03-2008, 07:41 PM

Years ago during a holiday at Caloundra my wife, the two kids and I were fishing off the wall where the boardwalk is now.

My wife announced she had caught a a snag which was unot unusual in that area. Then she says its not a snag as it is moving. Then she tells me the line is vibrating. Her rod was bent so much I told her it must be a ray.

She slowly winds in and eventualy has it on the waters edge on the tiny strip of sand. It was a tiny flathead probably about 8 inches long. It had swum into a plastic bag full of water which provided the heavy rock-like weight.

Ray De R

Mrs Ronnie H
19-03-2008, 07:06 PM
Hi Choppa and all

I was fishing down the caboolture river as I often used to in one of the favorite spots. I used two rods then, one an old jarvis walker and the other was a 5' Rex hunt signature series shimano. I had them both out the back of the tinny and settled back to enjoy the peace and light up a smoke as you do. All of a sudden out the back of the boat went my little rod and so did I. Straight over the back into the water!!! I could see the rod sailing off and just couldn't lose it: I didn't think twice about jumping in. When I got back to the private boat ramp all they could do was laugh while I stood there freezing and still dripping wet. I never got the fish but at least I got my rod.


21-03-2008, 01:37 AM
Pulled into a sand bank to pump some yabbies on low tide early in the morning. The spot was on the opposite side of a large inlet near the mouth of a creek. Tide was making and when I looked around the tinny had drifted off the sand bar and was heading up the creek. Nothing to do but strip off and swim after it as no one else was around to help.....or to witness luckily... but then you all know about it now.


24-03-2008, 08:03 PM
as the post above have seen and done that one a few times always gotta love goin swimming for your boat worst one was when we were camping once got occupied setting up camp thought mate threw the anchor but he didnt any way looked over about 5 mins later to see no tinny in sight ran down to the shore to see it had drifted about 200 metres up the creek wasnt a fun swim at all. also have been cast netting for prawns a few years back with my dad was standing on the back seat of the tinnie ready to cast as soon as i threw the net my dad decided to cast on the same side and as u know a 12ft tinnie full of water and all the weight on one side isnt to sturdy so i ended up following the cast net in the water wasnt to nice falling in at 5am nice and chilly was quick to get back in the boat.

02-08-2008, 12:40 AM
always one that brings a tear of joy to my eye,

Dear old Dad, decides to take the young family( Im about 6 or 7 ) out for a days fishing . Little tinny number,20 tohatsu that sort of thing. Anyway Dads always been a stickler for safety, the kids look like little yellow blow up dolls, mums purchased every possible outdoor safety device and cream, geeez the amount of sunblock I had on would have saved me from a weeks testing at maralinga. Were all loaded on the boat and really keen to get going, there is about 10 boats fishing within eyesight from us and all seem to be onto a school of something. Okies final checks all done by safety sam, he always stayed in about knee deep water to start to outboard, "wouldnt want to float away if the outboard didnt start". Gives her a few rips and nothing. The with the strength of Samson the old boy lays into the mighty tohatsu, VROOOOOOOOM!!!!!! drops in gear and drives straight over him. How on earth he didnt get chewed up I dont know, but the look on his face when he came up the other side of the boat was enough to know that laughter wasnt going to be recieved well.....besides you could here all them other boats laughing for us................Good old burrum heads

02-08-2008, 12:21 PM
Many years ago fishing the headland at the Straddie surf club I see a good sized snapper washing around in the shore dump. Said snapper had what appeared to be a spear through its side. An oldish lady sitting on the beach sees it and goes to collect her prize (fish still kicking even though speared). Moments later a soaked spear fisherman comes out of the water with unloaded spear gun waving his hands and looking very angry (appaently gesticulating very profusely that said fish was his and he wanted it back). Ensuring conversation was very funny and ended up with her removing the spear, throwing it onto the sand and then she proceeded to hit said spearfisherman around the head with said snapper a couple of times before storming off with fish tucked under her arm. Only took a couple of minutes to unfold but from a safe distance looked really funny!!!!

02-08-2008, 02:16 PM
Yeh I had a swim at Raby Bay ramp a few months ago. beached the boat beside the ramp and didnt bother tying off, and went to get the car. I had been parked in by someone who had just pulled their boat out, so had to wait a few minutes. Finally backed down the ramp to see my boat floating away approx 50 yards out. Off with the shirt and in I went.
Im sure the VMR boys were having a good laugh. I know I would have been if it wasnt me. Thats something you will only ever do once in your life, cause now I always tie off, or put the anchor out, even if the tides coming in.