View Full Version : Chartlon's broken into thurs 6th Feb 2008

09-02-2008, 07:56 AM
Some mongrels have been at it again

Charltons Fishing at Redbank were broken into Thrusday night and a substantial amount of high end reels were stolen.

Among the items taken were 1 x 50VW and 1 x 30VW penn international reels.

These are just new models and there are not many out there.

Also taken were Saltists, Tiagra, Sealine, TLD 2 speeds and so on.
Although not disclosing, a considerable amount has been taken.

Please be aware of these products and if anything that you may see that may help to get these mongrels ( being polite ) would be appreciated.

Any info that you may get can be pm'd to myself and I will pass it onto the appropriate people.



09-02-2008, 09:27 AM
This sort of thing makes me so angry. People work really hard to build up their businesses and then you get others who come along and do this. Insurance can never cover the sort of disruption and stress a robbery causes. It takes a long time to build up stock again and you have all the other losses eg time, cleaning up, paperwork etc that you never get back. Gone are the days where you can do a whip around the pawnbrokers and hope to find it. Stuff goes onto ebay etc and you have a job to ever get it back. Everyone should keep an eye out and if you are slightly suspicious of a "bargain" report it - otherwise you help to keep the cycle going. My thoughts to everyone at Charltons - Hope the police get them!

PS sorry to rant - makes me REALLY angry

19-02-2008, 06:59 PM
has to be fishos as the quality of the reels stolen is pretty high .if they get them they should take them out in the bay 20ks and let them swim back with a net full of fish frames tied to them.