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14-10-2007, 08:29 AM
This has taken me about three days to put up, and I know that Great White put up a post on the same matter, but I just get angry when somebody puts up some pics of good fish, only to be criticised by those who feel it's their right to put them down.

For goodness sake, if the length and numbers are legal, then what's the big problem? I guess we've all read some pretty shabby posts recently, which has resulted in people not putting any pics up. I really look forward to reading threads in Estuary Reports, and they're becoming a bit light on, which is a shame. After you've invested in fuel, bait and whatever, I think we all have the right to put up pics if we've had a good day on the water without being criticised.

One thing I've noticed is that when one of us bites at a negative reply, then we seem to be playing into their hands, as they will just not let it go and will keep replying with their lunatic comments until the cows come home.

I suggest that we should resume putting up reports, and if one of the lunatic fringe does have a go, then we simply ignore it, however how hard it might be, which means they won't have the opportunity to rave on with their views. I'm sure that the positive replies would outweigh the negative ones by a huge margin.

Perhaps a new member classification could be added to Bronze, Gold etc and that is LUNATIC. Also, a reward system could be looked at to encourage members to put up posts. I suggest a photo session with the Breaka Girls.


Flattie Assassin
14-10-2007, 08:39 AM
Perhaps a new member classification could be added to Bronze, Gold etc and that is LUNATIC. Also, a reward system could be looked at to encourage members to put up posts. I suggest a photo session with the Breaka Girls.


LOL awesome idea ;D :o

Great White
14-10-2007, 08:43 AM
I hear you TOL, I am thick skinned so if they come at me it's no big deal. I worry about the newer members and the bad taste that stays with them, when all they tried to do is share a special fishing moment with us.

I guess it's up to all of us to get our views and comments across whatever they may be. Use your own thread and let the person trying to share some knowledge and passion about their fishing trip, do just that.

My personal knowledge has increased because of the more senior and experienced members sharing information and taking the time to help and show me how to catch my first snapper :)

14-10-2007, 08:50 AM
I guess when a site has so many members then there are bound to be many different opinions. Having said that negativity is just plain "bad form". It's enough that the greenies are after us without helping them with in house fighting.!!

Good post TOL 8-)

14-10-2007, 12:24 PM
I should've read this thread before putting my 2 cents worth in on another thread.

By the way TOL, you don't have to be a lunatic to make negative comments. There's many members on here who make nothing but positive comments and I would consider them to be mad as a hatter ;-)


Top Tip:

Annoy and frustrate SpecSavers staff by wandering up to their counter and squinting your eyes whilst looking up at the price board. When they ask if they can help you, say "Big Mac Meal, please."

14-10-2007, 12:52 PM
Its a sad world when you get crucified for posting your accomplishments.
Yes we live in country of free speech but my mum once told me if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all.
As the legend had said if you ignore the negatives hopefully they will disappear and not turn into a personal attack fest.


14-10-2007, 03:02 PM
Everyone is entitled to there opinion....But to attack a post put up without knowing the full facts is just not on....When this happens it makes me even more determined to show more pics and attack back at the accuser.

No one is perfect...but ....is it so hard to say Sorry....I am wrong and just maybe others are right,,


14-10-2007, 06:38 PM
My lack of reporting is due to a lack of fish... Hahaha keep up the good work guys!! PBass

14-10-2007, 08:28 PM
its nice to be important but more important to be nice .
its good to read how other ausfishers are faring whether they be big small or indiffrent types of fish that they catch . keep the reports coming as it is the only way a wisherman like me hopes to be a fisherman !
cheers haggis ................................

14-10-2007, 09:26 PM

Martin Bryant still believes in his own innocence. .... Many AF members think they are exempt of any blame that regular members no longer post, but many have been part of poisoning the culture ( some more than others)that has been in the past.

Helping our mods by reporting posts that are inappropriate is a good start


14-10-2007, 09:45 PM
Have to agree with TOL.

If the capture is legal, there's nothing wrong with either C&R or C&K.

Wanting to help a person to improve his/her techniques is fine as long as its done without diminishing that person's accomplishment.

We should be encouraging more to take up this great sport / pastime / relaxation and youngsters in particular are our future survival.

Our infighting only gladdens those who attack our sport.


15-10-2007, 07:48 AM
TOL old mate...you better fishing and put a report up just to show them that you don't give a flying fig what anyone thinks.
If you can rangle the BB girls then I have a boat or two WE can go fishing so you do do a report with pretty pictures :)

15-10-2007, 08:39 AM
I am one of those newer members who don't put up posts because of what I read and how some people get shot down by some for keeping a legal fish or two. My dad always said (I'll give you the nicer version) "Opinions are like bumholes, everyone has one" Opinions are only made up of how you see things or brought up. I believe we all have the right to an opinion but not the right to force our opinion on everyone else. As someone mentioned above, if you want to share an opinion why not do it on a new thread instead of hijacking someone elses.
I love seeing the pics and hearing of fishing tales.
Great post TOL
Cheers braz

15-10-2007, 02:12 PM
I can understand TOL why you started this Post...I will disagree with you that if we make a post and others start to winge then we should just ignore them....some of the information that is being posted as slander against certain fishing methods for Example just cant be ignored...I know it does start a slanging match...but if we ignore it ....then how do the new members , and Other Ausfish members who want to learn about different fishing methods distinguish between Fact or fiction...

I personally feel that by ignoring them that maybe other unexperienced members will take some truth in what has been written..

Cheers Mick

15-10-2007, 03:25 PM
Yeah, good point Mick.

I guess I wasn't thinking about the fishing methods around your patch (which I found very interesting, I might add) when I put up the thread, but more of when somebody shows a pic of good numbers of fish caught and gets crucified for it by a very small minority, when nothing illegal has happened.

The point I was trying to hammer home was that if the authorities have done the research over the years and set lengths and bag limits, then why do the doom and gloom merchants come out of the woodwork over it? If they don't like it, then write to the authorities but don't knock somebody when he/she has broken no laws.

However, your point is also very relevant about the methods employed to catch fish in very deep water ( I guess that's where you're coming from) and yes, in cases like that, educating the lunatics is important. My thread probably wasn't a balanced one, but I get bloody annoyed when I see stuff like that, and even more annoyed when these people just keep putting up post after post simply to force their views on others.


15-10-2007, 04:15 PM
TOL You're a gem. Hey, I know the Breaka girls. Give me a date and I'll send them around ;)

15-10-2007, 04:25 PM
Hey TOL just thought Id let you know that I was involved in establishing the BREAKA GIRLS back in the mid 80s .It was a challenge then and is more so now that im out of it. Ahh memories .
cheers Terry

carving it up
15-10-2007, 04:34 PM
cheers TOL after my last report posted recently i thought "stuff this, i'm not reporting anymore" but you've twisted my arm so i will post one more report if same thing happens then nup i'll just keep it myself. It seems such a shame that a few ruin it for the minority
Cheers Bazz

15-10-2007, 04:54 PM
Leeann and Maztez,

Aaaah yes, the Breaker Girls!!!! :o

Years ago, they were outside Forestry House in the CBD doing some sort of a promotion, handing out drinks or something. I raced down in the lift and got a signed poster from them. All four of them. Couldn't do any work that afternoon after that. Wish I could find it again.

But then again, it might have been thrown out a long time ago by somebody.

Unfortunately, now it's all a distant memory.


15-10-2007, 05:16 PM
Maybe TOL we should also do a few Polls ...this would sort the rarbags out...and it would also show the newer members that the minority are behind them and that it is ok to post pics and to tell your story about what you caught, without being called a butcher...ect..