View Full Version : brilliant pr for fishos

10-10-2007, 10:05 PM
My wife and I were caravanning and staying at burrum heads caravan park
A group of guys had rented a house on the foreshore for a week and were going out fishing each day
They came back late one afternoon and one of them wandered up to the edge of the caravan park where we were and asked if we would like a couple of fish Having been a loser during the day and swallowing my pride I said yes please
Well he came back about 10 mins later with a rubbish bag with 2 gt's they were HUGE
We filleted them and not having fridge or freezer space could not keep them so filleted the fish and with the fillets on large plates went around the caravan park giving them away.
The general consensus was the taste was beautiful and I have never seen so many smiling faces. This little act gave a lot of people pleasure I would bet they are ausfish members and if you are reading this THANK YOU VERY MUCH
P.S. We will be back at burrum heads in 2 weeks time "I really hope to see you there again"

11-10-2007, 08:35 PM
If they couldn't keep/eat them themselves, why take them?
GT's to me are great to catch but dont think much of them on the plate....Just my opinion.

PS. Be up there myself shortly if all goes well.