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08-10-2007, 09:06 AM
small tender tinny was stolen last night sunday 7th oct from out jetty in cabbage tree creek. its and old alu boat, paint peeling from it. but it had white sides and an orange inside and three seats. the jetty it was taken from was the one near where the old boat slip was at curlew park it has a large white trimaran moored there also. if you heading up the creek from the boat ramp its on the left hand side of a pontoon that doesnt have a jetty connection on it.
if anyone spots something in this area similar or catches someone painting a small tinny could they please contact me.

09-10-2007, 10:47 AM
just to let everyone know there has been a few thefts around the creek lately and i just got this email from my brother who found the boat last night, it will explain what happened:

Ashford and I went looking for the boat, we got to the 3 markers near the reef and i spotted it tied up on the shore side of the last jetty before the cliffs. Went over there and i knew a old guy lived there so i figured it was odd that he wouldnt have taken it. I got up onto the two pontoons there and the anchor had bin dropped under the jetty then near the end of the rope it was tied to the railing, as the boat was up against the pontoon. so i walked up onto the jetty and went in yelled out to see who was there..eventually the old guy came out and i recognised him as some1 grandpa knew. so i asked him whats the boat doing tied up to one of your pontoons.He said you tell me, so i told him it was stolen and that, and that i was Des's grandson. He said he found it tied up there and that he had been robbed 3 times in the past few months.So we took it back. There was also a thong there.

As we were towing it back to grans, a big flat bottom boat came around the corner, made a few weird looks at us from a distance, so i said to ashford here we go these are the fellas who stole the boat and have come back with this big thing to retrieve it. Sure enough he told us to slow down, and the guy at the front yelled at us with anger "thats not your boat".i said yes it is, and he goes f**kn prove it!. and i said yer i sure as hell can it was stolen last nite and im taking it back. Both buring up at eachother, cos i though he was the ones who stole our boat and were tryn to claim it as theres. Then when i said it was stolen he goes ohh you were the other fellas who had a boat stolen. Turns out what they were in was stolen that nite, they own a trawler down near the co-op and had all their life jackets taken and one of the 35hp motors from the back. The other motor was wrecked, they had hit bottom somewhere(probably the reef) and the prop was all smashed up. Also they had let the fire estinguisher out and there boat was full of white crap.

So we talked for a bit and he thought we were the people who stole his boat and were taking another, which was why he was agressive as well. They went to the cops just after grandpa, i believed them cos they knew the cops that grandpa went to and just other things. So we gave them the thong and they were guna take it to the cops, after all there wasnt ne amage to our boat, there the ones who lost a few thousand $.

Took the boat up into the yard, rang the cops to say we found it and asked if there was any other stolen boats and sure enough the other fellas had claimed there boat as stolen. So the cops were ment to go around to grans last nite to look at the boat or whatever.

Thats pretty much it. So its back in the yard all fine."

so if anyone lives on cabbage tree creek or launches at shorncliffe just be a little vary, scum are on the move!

Little grey men
09-10-2007, 11:36 AM
Good to see you got it back mate.
Gotta say, reading that had me on the edge of my seat for a while.

09-10-2007, 05:19 PM
I go to school at St Pats and a few ppl from around Cabbage Tree have had shit taken. I no one guys dad had his 25ft boat tagged. I have seen heaps of stuff in the paper for police files about bimini's being slashed and stuff. I'd love to go out their late one nite in a couple of boats. A few eggs and other crap and pelt the shit out of any thiefs.

09-10-2007, 06:09 PM
Timmy you would be best taking a mobile phone and reporting it immediately to the cops rather than confronting anyone with eggs. These guys might be vandals but they are more than likely going to beat the crap out of anyone that is alone who might interupt or identify them.
Use your noggin and ring the cops and make sure you get a decent look at the mongrels so you can give a really good description.


09-10-2007, 07:48 PM
2 or 3 boats with 3 on each. They can beat the crap out of me all they like but can they beat the crap out of 6 or so people. NO.

10-10-2007, 09:34 AM
i think i know who may be doing this but until i know for sure my mouth is shut, but trust me it would only take me to beat the living shit thru them, and personally i would do it first before getting the feds involved but id land myself in some crap probably.
i am suss on these teenagers we saw out one weekend tho, what happened was i was out in the creek with my gf and two mates wer just sitting on our jetty, trying to recovery from the effects of heavy drinking the night before, they wer just sitting in the mangrove line in the shade when 3 boys came up in and old glass boat with a tiny centre console about waist high.
they came very close to our jetty before spotting my mates so proceded to our neighbours jetty where they got on and walked into the yard - bad idea - the guy who lives there likes his drink and has a very short temper, add to that a face only a mother could love and well you have a pretty rough looking guy, well he saw them came out and had a fit apparently. they kid that was minding the boat wisely got off the jetty and just motored around for a while while his mates came back. there excuse was they wer waiting for a mate.
now i met up with my mates later and had seen these three speeding around - with no fourth mate and they had told me about what had happened.
any way they left and we went to the flats at low tide and had a wander, saw these three being suss around out boat that was 100m away so my gf went back over nad just made a phone call and hung around untill they left, which was a while. at one point they pulled up onto the bank within a few meters so they wer acting a bit suss but they didnt do anything to my knowledge so until they do