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23-09-2007, 09:52 PM
Family wanted to go fishing, so decided to hit the Maroochy river. We left home at about 9.45. and told the Mrs to expect a dogfight at the ramp being school holidays etc, and being so late.

Strange thing #1 : Only one other car with trailer in the carpark, still can't work this out.

Thought we would try Petrie creek mouth, landed a few undersize Bream, when suddenly I lost the lot. Re rigged, and cast back in.

Strange thing # 2 : Not even the hint of a bite, checked bait, hook bent at right angles, presume big muddie.

Strange thing # 3 : Petrie Creek is not that wide, everyone who came past showed the courtesy of slowing down...unreal.

Moved upstream to escape the wind. Stoped at the channel split upriver from Bli Bli (not sure what the area is called) having a bite to eat when!!

Really strange thing # 4 : Right next to the channel split ( 45cm away) the water started to boil as if a water mains had been let loose. Water gushed 2-3 foot in the air for about 10 seconds, then slowed down to a constant trickle. We could see bubbles for the next 10 mins.Presuming it's a pipe of some sorts (hopefully not sewage) but why so close to the surface, and why so close to the channel split.My Mrs was convinced it was volcanic, and I was even having second thoughts. This was the really strange thing of the day, anyone shed any light it would be appreciated.

Saw this work type boat in the river that day, and could not work out why they were moving up and down the same spot.

Strange thing # 5 : Well not that strange, seems these guys had crab pots sunk all up and down the river with no markings, and would use a hook of some type to retrieve the pots. I snapped a picture of the boat, will look to fellow Ausfishers for advice as if I should do anything about it. Not sure if they were professionals, not your normal type of river pleasure craft.

Anyway at the end of the day, had a bit of fun, no legal size fish but you get that fishing in the middle of the day.



23-09-2007, 10:17 PM
Hello MickS

Just read your post, you certainly had an interesting day. With the water shoot, I cant explain that one either. I had similar sight when at Mooloolaba about 1 year ago towards the heads om the ocean side. I noticed a complete circle of water rise and formed into a wave, diameter would have been about 40ft, there was no other waves or any other to suggest submarine or whale, I wish I had a camera with me to show it. The circle lasted about 5mins, strange thing about this one is that the crest of the wave radiated outwards. It was almost inline with the Pilot Station at Mooloolaba. With the vessel looking for pots, if it was a pro or commercial fisherman it would displayed the numeral F with a few numbers afterwards and most of the guys would have floats. If the vessel did not display the first letter being F then chances are it was a private boat as in recreational.

In NSW all commercial fisherman have the letters LFB and a few numbers, I should know, I use to be a deckie and trainee masterfisherman on prawn trawler and dropliner come longliner working the Taupo and Barco Seamounts between Port Stephens and Lord Howe Island.


24-09-2007, 09:24 PM
Hey Micks, bizare day especially that there was no one at the ramp and weekend warriors slowing down when they pass.

Dont be too shocked by the seemingly strange ways of those blokes, quite a few people use this technique for crab pots. No float means no one can pinch your catch. They mark the spot on the GPS (or by landmarks) Some mates of mine used to use a light duty reef anchor, worked a treat, you could leave the pots out overnight and not have to worry about them constantly.