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05-09-2007, 11:45 AM
Those interested in weather and the freakish stuff here is the storm report for the event a couple of weeks ago. All duration period records were broken during that event at the Teewah gauge.

How to read: The duration isn't continual. It is the maximum amount of rainfall recorded during any 6, 10, 20 minute period. The time and date are when that period started.

Storm Intensity/Duration Report for Teewah Creek GS 140002A

Duration___Began___________ Amount____Intensity
___________Time__Date________(mm)_______(millimetr es/hour)

_6 Minute___23:54_23/08/2007_____29.0_____290.0
10 Minute___23:52_23/08/2007_____42.0_____252.0
20 Minute___23:52_23/08/2007_____70.0_____210.0
30 Minute___23:34_23/08/2007____100.0_____200.0
_1 Hour____23:34_23/08/2007____173.0_____173.0
_2 Hour____22:20_23/08/2007____303.0_____151.5
_3 Hour____22:06_23/08/2007____415.0_____138.3
_4 Hour____21:26_23/08/2007____436.0_____109.0
_6 Hour____21:48_23/08/2007____456.0______76.0
12 Hour____21:26_23/08/2007____603.0______50.3
18 Hour____21:26_23/08/2007____727.0______40.4
24 Hour____14:22_23/08/2007____818.0______34.1
48 Hour____03:22_23/08/2007___1043.0______21.7
72 Hour____05:32_22/08/2007___1118.0______15.5

05-09-2007, 11:48 AM
some incredible figures there, especially for this time of year. thanks for sharing.


06-09-2007, 11:36 AM
At least it will pack the tracks down nice and hard