View Full Version : Yacht aground on Straddie

30-08-2007, 10:02 AM
I was over on Straddie having a fish with ausfisher "Straddie" and we saw a 36-38fter up on Flinders Beach.
Apparently the motor failed while negotiating the bar and she washed up on the beach. She was well stuck with the keel completely buried. I doubt that they can tow her off . Pretty much a crane/lowloader job by the look.
Sorry no photos. Straddie might have some though.

Glen and I worked pretty hard both tuesday and wednesday for very little return.
We tried virtually every bit of likely water we could find and a few that were wishful thinking::). For a 4 bream and a couple of non keepers.
Weather was beaut , Straddie is a gem, (the island):D
your OK too Glen, thanks for the session, it was really enjoyable.;D We'll have better luck next time.