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11-08-2007, 12:11 AM
I promised Cheech some fresh bait for our next trip . So I took the net down to my favourite spot.My GOOD you beaut "Bob the net maker" net
I usually use my old much repaired net for bait,(but i gave it to my brother as he wanted to learn how to cast ).
I missed the top of the tide and knew that as soon as it got moving ,,, shut the gate!!! no bait.
Sooo, I took a throw right on the boat ramp:( :( :( as i was pulling it in I could feel the little pops as threads broke ,one at a time:'( :'( :'( .
Many small mends required methinks

High risk sometimes gets high reward, so a dozen mullet of various sizes went in the bucket.
couldnt risk another throw so I headed to Pinkenba ramp hoping some bait would be schooled up in the eddies beside the ramp.

I havent been there for twelve months and so was surprised to see that nearly the whole sandy beach area was covered in dead weed.
No way was i throwing my net in that

So i pulled on the waders and had a scout around and found a bit of sand that appeared clear of weed and had a throw or two, for no result, except for getting rotting weed in my net.
I have fished that area often and never before seen weed like that,there ,
or for that matter, anywhere else in the river.
Has anyone seen it before ???

So i went and had a look at Boggy creek but as i have never netted there or in fact explored it in daylight & I was not prepared to risk my net throwing blind.

I might have another go on the high tomorrow, but i dont like my chances in daylight with the water as clear as it is.

Can anyone give me some directions to a likely spot on Boggy where i wont shred my net as I wont have time to recce it myself.

Thanks in advance for your assistance

11-08-2007, 08:42 AM
Just upstream from the pipeline is a fairly clear area (on the southern side) in Boggy Ck.
Have castnetted there many times with no probs.
Around the pipeline is very rocky, just stay away from there.

On another note...It would appear that "Pinkenba Bait" is a lost cause now from what i have been told?