View Full Version : Horizon Shores Boat Ramp

30-07-2007, 12:02 PM
I noticed during the week that Horizon Shores boat ramp will be closing from the 1st of August due to construction work.

If you have your boat in the storage area you will still have access to the ramps.

The general public and regular user like myself will now have to use other local ramps.

While Cabbage tree is just around the corner, the ramp is well overdue for an upgrade, and the parking is limited. Due to its heavy usage it can be a bit frustrating at any time.

My complaint is that the GCCC has done nothing to address the needs of the fishing community in the fastest growing corridor in Australia.

How about providing some free usage decent launch facilities in the area( including boat wash facilities) which could be designed for the next 15 years in stead of the last 20 years !!>:(

30-07-2007, 02:14 PM

Points are valid but talking to Qld State Govt and GCCC direct via local members and councilors may be more beneficial cause no doubt the poeple on the site probably cannot effect a change.