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23-06-2007, 07:28 PM

A question for anyone knowing the workings of fish restocking programs.

As there is a $15.45 restocking component of Qld recreational boat registration fees, I'm wondering if this is a Qld wide restocking, freshwater restocking, or how does it work? Who gets the money, is it divided between groups on application, passed out across the board , or does DPI&F spend it all?
For instance, does Moreton Bay have a restocking program? If it doesn't, should it?

Not knocking the idea, it may not even be enough spent, just wondering how it's spent, where it's spent, etc.

thanks in advance.


24-06-2007, 07:21 AM
My understanding is that the moneys is split within all the registered freshwater restocking groups and those covered under SIP's (Stocked Impoundment Permit). The non-SIP restocking groups are very greatful of this money when it is distributed as a grant that can only be sent on fingerlings. My father is in a small town where the main fundraising for restocking is the annual fishing competition and every Friday night when he sell raffle tickets as he is treasurer. I believe that a percentage of the money is meant to be allocated for boat ramp repairs and maintance. Will be interesting to see if the fee is reduced when the state government gets it way and hands responsibily for ownership and maintance of boat ramps to local governments. You can expect some smaller ramps and facilities to disappear in some shires. Have you seem the bull#hit about dreging the channel for Raby Bay boat ramp with the state involved? In the future the Redlands council will probly just close the ramp with maintance co$ts. That fee in my understanding goes into consolited revenue and then allocated to several different things eg restocking and ramp maintance. I may be wrong.