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01-05-2007, 05:31 PM
i have a issue that i will bring up as it pissed me off some what its the second time its happened>:( i was fishing at the back of 5mile reef off tweed 2 weeks ago away from everybody had put out a considerable amount of burley and time in and was just starting to get the benefits with myself and young bloke getting a nice squire each , when 6 blokes in a boat proceeded to motor within 20m of us and jump in the water spears in hand needless to say no more fish and a morning wasted, i have had the same experience on the local at kingscliff, if i myself seen the spearos fishing there before me i would have looked else where why is it they dont do the same?? i am not saying all spearos are like this :-/ just looking for a few answers or if anyone has experienced this for them selves.

01-05-2007, 05:54 PM
Unfortunately the 'sheep' mentality is prevalent in most activities.
The difficulty for you may be that where you live, there are a lot of people into spearfishing, increased pressure on good spots.
This in no way excuses those that will make you a target, especially if there is more in their crew than yours, scumbags IMO!
Mate, although it turns my gut, these days I just admit defeat and go home.
Best way to avoid it is to attack early or late, that way you can at least get a bit of quality time.
Cheers and good luck!

01-05-2007, 06:20 PM
These fools are a dime a dozen at Tweed. They seem to have no common sense. If you let rip at them sometimes they move. If not then up anchor and move somewhere else is the easiest option.
Luckly the water will be too cool for them soon and you won't have to put up with their shit.

01-05-2007, 07:15 PM
same thing happened to a guy i know on the weekend at currarong at jervis bay. anchored up right next to him and jumped in. a few heated words exchanged but damage was done. good time for that extra bucket of snapper leads!

01-05-2007, 08:15 PM
Happened to me at D.I. , landbased. Set up on a good ledge got my burley going and three blokes swim out from the beach and start diving right where we are casting . I asked politely if they good give us a fair go and was told f### ##f.

rob tranter
01-05-2007, 08:23 PM
Maybe a biger Hook and a heavier sinker and then just rip it up, who knows what you'll hook into.

01-05-2007, 08:30 PM
Take a bucket full of sheeps blood and tip in as they jump in.
They'll leave.

01-05-2007, 10:00 PM
Hi Boodo,
Let me start off by saying, sounds like poor form to me.
However is this an issue because they are spearo's or because they were too close?

Hear me out, before you get too excited.

would you have been as pissed off if a lino had anchored up and stared burleying up and fishing? in the same spot as the spearo's? I know when fishing of the bank people often stop and set up closer then that.

I mean i consider it poor form what they did ,and it goes for line fishermen who do the same in boats. however i was not there and can't say for sure.

were they swimming down current from you? in the berley trail?
how much space do you want, obviously 20m between boats is not enough for you, so how much is it? 30, 40, 50m or more?

I think the tolerence for space between spearo's and line fisherman boats is less then that between line and line boats, or between land based fishermen, true?

It is obvious by now that i am a spearo but i also spend alot of time in the boat as well with rod in hand (no pun intended). I can see both sides of it, and i don't apprieciate those of you who are suggesting casting large snapper leads at spearo's.

lets say you succeded and actually hit one in the head, knocking them out, killing them by drowning. would that make you happy as you drive home with your catch. pull your head in , no one owns the ocean. yes there are stupid inconsiderate spearo's out there but, what about the moron wankers that take no notice of dive floats and fly past our heads, cut rig lines in half, etc etc.

I could start a whole new post on the dangerous and ignorant things that line fishermen/boat owners do near spearo's so lets not get carried away.

at the end of the day if you had a good day out and caught some fish then happy days. thank the lord you don't have to go home via the hospital due to some d!ckhead diving over the top of you , or casting snapper leads at your head because he feels you are to close.

be safe out there


02-05-2007, 10:21 AM
I Think The Issue Was That 6 Men Jumped Into The Water Swimming Around Down Where He Was Fishing, So Correct Me If Im Wrong Im Under The Impression That When 6 Men Swim Near Fish They May Spook Them, And If Spread Out While Spearing They May Spook A Large Area Of Fishing Ground, Im Sure This Wouldnt Have Been A Problem If It Wasnt So Close But Being Realistic 20m Is Still Very Close For These Two Forms Of Fishing To Co-exsist. It Was Wrong For The Spearos To This So Close Because They Are Putting Themselves At Risk Aslo What Would Happen If One Of Them Swam Into The Fishing Line Un-expectedly, Making The Fisho Think He Had A Hit And Strike, Hook In. Same With If The Fisho Had A Fish On That Swam Into The Spearos, Possibly Getting Him Tangled? It Was Bad Judgement In This Occasion, And I Can See How Boodo Is Pissed Off Being The Second Time This Has Happened. But Im Not Against Spearing, In Fact I Love It Its Great Fun, Just Sometimes People Make Wrong Choices, Spearos And Fishos. We Also Cant Judge Or Be Sterotypical. We've All Heard Of Other Boaties Even Charter Operators Getting To Close To Fishos Even On This Site, But There Isnt As Many Spearos On Here Posting Inncidents About Boaties Harrasing Them, Like Jim Said It Does Happen.
But In Saying That I Really Dont Think Anyone On This Site Would Be As Disrespectfull As Some Of The People We See Out On The Water, Nor Would Go Through With Hurling Sinkers At People.
And I Personally Think Its Fine To Have A Winge And A Voice On This Site But Just Think If We Try To Start Getting This Message Across To Other We Wont Have To Winge (althought That Is A Dream We Cant Expect All Everyone To Abide By)
And If They Are Really A ######## With No Respect To Others Then Tell Em Where To Go

Hope My Longest Post Dosent Stir To Much Poo Lol

02-05-2007, 10:36 AM
I like the sheep blood idea.

02-05-2007, 10:51 AM
I too have speared mainly in the past!! (getting to fat) but under no circumstance would i or my mates intrude on another spearo or fisherman,s space i think 50 mtrs is still to close . If it takes the sacrificial lamb to move these dick heads then so be it wake up and show some respect to other people.

regards smee

3rd degree
02-05-2007, 01:25 PM
Schnapper leads sound a little dangerous....... but the blood idea should have most cleared out of the road in a matter of minutes.



02-05-2007, 03:32 PM
If only they would stick to spearing in the middle of the day these problems wouldn't arise so much but when you've spent the best part of the morning trying to attract the fish to you with burly they get in the water and chase them away these two forms of fishing don't go well together, they just need to show a bit of coutousy and jump in later when the fish have shut down, they still get their fish and both parties are happy.

02-05-2007, 06:22 PM
the fish dont just stop biting, they dissapear; so it could get a bit dull spearing pelagics in the middle of the day. anyone want to pour sheeps blood in the water near me would be welcome..free burley.

03-05-2007, 01:26 PM
i mainly line fish but occasionally go for a spear if the conditions are good. last outing i was spearing off a headland and saw a boat achored off it. he was line fishing AND had snorkellers in the water (not sure if they were also spearing) I gave him about 50m berth as i swam by. Far enough that he had to pull anchor to motor over to me. He proceeded to yell abuse, told me to f*%k off and that he was going to run over me/beat the sh%t out of me with his oars as apparently i was too close and was scaring his fish off!! I remained calm and pointed out that he had snorkellers in the water too. He motored on yelling more threats and abuse....while i can certainly see boodo's gripe, as i'd be pissed too if that had happened to me i think sometimes people can be just plain unreasonable....sure no one owns the ocean but its not hard to have some decency and commonsense

03-05-2007, 03:57 PM
The answer to your question is no this is not the norm. I have been spearing for 25 of my 29 years and I can tell you this is not the norm. please dont let a couple of a boatload of idiots convince you that we are all like this. There are a lot of dumb fishos out there who slaughter heaps of fish and be idiots but we (spearos) dont condemn the lot of you.

Just the other day I went for a shore dive and passed a guy fishing I asked him permission if i could swim past him and he was happy to oblige. Its not the form of fishing its the person doing it.

Spearfishing is the most sustainable form of fishing as it is release and catch and very selective unlike fishing where yiou catch wehatevers down there biting.
I am a memeber of several spearfishing forums I will pass this message onto to them and get these guys to pull there heads in.

The majority of us spearos are good guys and we have a strong membership Federation (AUF) which has a stringent set of rules and regulations that all decent spearos afhere to.

Like anything in life common sense prevails and these spearos dont seem to have any but dont label the rest of us.

Cheers Dan

03-05-2007, 04:17 PM
Hope My Longest Post Dosent Stir To Much Poo Lol

Dunno, I couldn't read it. Not being funny mate, but they eye/brain co-ordination thingy is practiced in what it's accustomed to/expects to see. I have some difficulties in this area, but even if I hadn't, I'm sure others may have the same problems with seeing an upper case letter at the beginning of each word. I may be wrong, but I can assure you, I can't read it. Sorry :(


03-05-2007, 04:29 PM
Dunno, I couldn't read it. Not being funny mate, but they eye/brain co-ordination thingy is practiced in what it's accustomed to/expects to see. I have some difficulties in this area, but even if I hadn't, I'm sure others may have the same problems with seeing an upper case letter at the beginning of each word. I may be wrong, but I can assure you, I can't read it. Sorry :(


I agree Kev, capitals at the start of each word??? Ridiculous!!

Too hard to read.

03-05-2007, 05:06 PM
Focus guys FoCus ,....we were talking spearfishing ettiquite (sp?) here. Any way hows this for downright bastardry. A couple of mates of mine were fishing off a deepwater wharf where we had previously discovered a motherlode of 1m long Kings.The technique involved heavy berleying of certain thing that will forever remain secret .Anyhow the word got out and some undesireables turned up trying to "poach" on my mates berley ,but even so they couldn't buy a bite because of poor technique. So they lobbed up again ,this time with a LOADED speargun and pushed up to my mates who had a large King feeding on the surface ,reached over and fired this thing (quite hi-tech apparently) right next to them and into the water.Unfortunately they were flukey enough to spear the fish through it's head.:'( The last laugh was on them because the king went ballistic and nearly pulled this ratbag off the wharf before eventually tearing itself free of the spear and swimming of to die leaving a massive ammount of blood in the water. This spooked the rest of the fish so my mates just packed up and left. I think they were a bit afraid of confronting these 5 idiots,but I'm not so sure that a call to the cops might not have seen them in deep sh*t for discharging a deadly weapon in a public place :-X

03-05-2007, 05:19 PM
i was being generous at saying 20m i just cant see why a crew of spearos would jump out right where another bloke was fishing away from everyone else it would seem like they had there mind set thet this is where they were going to fish and that is it, if i or a majority of other blokes headed out to fish a particular spot but when you arrived someone else was there, well in my opinion you move one to your next choice, you dont just take over because you out number or think you have the right to do so, this sort of caper really pisses me off, i am sure that there are decent blokes who spear, but the blokes i have come across around tweed, kingscliff and hastings are nothing short of morons, tarnishing the blokes who do the right thing.

03-05-2007, 05:38 PM
I think what they did was wrong but.......
If spear fishermen (fisherpersons?) scare the fish so bad then ummmm......
How do they ever catch any??????

Just a thought.
Never have & never will spear fish.
Too many sharks in China....

03-05-2007, 07:07 PM
I tend to agree with alot of comments on this topic, although I think you are letting a few spearo's with no common sense let you think that all spearo's are like this. There are alot of cowboys in the sport of spearing, people that time after time don't follow whats wrong and whats right alot of them who should know better because they are selling the gear and running the spearfishing stores, these are the people that should be setting the example, not giving spearo's a bad name. However there are alot of top blokes out there that spearfish that don't put a foot wrong. Please don't let a few people doing the wrong thing give you the idea that spearfishing should be banned or whatever. I've seen PLENTY of fishos doing the wrong things also in my time spearfishing. One instance I can remember diving boult reef and seeing a bunch of blokes cleaning their boat out, throwing all their rubbish into the drink before they headed home.

03-05-2007, 07:51 PM
The way I see it there is always a small number of rude buggers in every sport which always out shines the the good. Fishing is not different if some one does move in you can either grim and bare it or move off cos no one ownes the water. There is not much point in trying to hurt some one just cos you think they are to close.

03-05-2007, 09:57 PM
Here, here -Chris- and lock, my point exactly. There are knobs on both sides that don't care that their actions represent a greater community.

I am still perplexed when people tell me about some newbie tool shooting undersize fish as if that is the norm for all spearo's. I have noticed the longer you are in the sport the more you actually value the quality not quantity of your catch, often taking 1 or 2 prize fish instead of the half dozen legal but common size/species which is much more rewarding.

sorry i have gone off on a tangent, it just shits me when spearo's get a bad name cause off the popularity of the sport is increasing and attracting people with no respect for others or the ocean.


04-05-2007, 11:45 AM
sorry about the post it actually wasnt my fault, i did have them all in capitals (i have it on caps lock for work) and didnt take it off, so i geuss when i posted it only the first letters stayed in capitals and the other went in lower case. oh well a lesson learned.

sorry for those who found it hard to read also


17-05-2009, 08:20 AM
I had a situation out at the wave rider bouy off Nth Staddie a while back. We were fishing for Dolphin fish, motoring up and drifting back past it. Catching maybe 1 each drift, when a young fellow started to spear, doing the same, motor up drift back past.
All good. Eveyone giving each other enough room etc. I thought it was great to see. But very quickly the fish shut down.
Now I dont think the young spearo did any thing wrong, far from it. But he moved on and left us with no fish bitting at all.
I dont know if this is what happens all the time but, I reckon no one, whatever they're doing should Impact on others enjoyment.
PS. lets stick to chucking sinkers at jetskis LOL;)

Cheers Preso

17-05-2009, 12:24 PM
But very quickly the fish shut down.
Now I dont think the young spearo did any thing wrong, far from it. But he moved on and left us with no fish bitting at all.

Cheers Preso

Yeh not sure you can put that down to the person in the water. I was out there one day with a mate and we were doing drifts for a couple of hours and the school hung there. There are soooooo many variables to fishing that I reckon it's too hard to prove. A speared fish and one on a set of hooks will be sending off the same distress signals.

17-05-2009, 12:36 PM
I have been spearing and line fishing for most of my life. While doing both activities I have seen idiots. I think we should start to stand up for each other. Otherwise the greenies will move in and none of us will be able to take fish.

18-05-2009, 09:39 AM
I had a situation out at the wave rider buoy off Nth Staddie a while back. We were fishing for Dolphin fish, motoring up and drifting back past it. Catching maybe 1 each drift, when a young fellow started to spear, doing the same, motor up drift back past.
All good. Everyone giving each other enough room etc. I thought it was great to see. But very quickly the fish shut down.
Now I dont think the young spearo did any thing wrong, far from it. But he moved on and left us with no fish bitting at all.
I dont know if this is what happens all the time but, I reckon no one, whatever they're doing should Impact on others enjoyment.
PS. lets stick to chucking sinkers at jetskis LOL;)

Cheers Preso

Hey preso...

i think i remember your boat out there that day.. and it was us doing the diving..:o out of a white 6.5m centercab, it was over the xmas new year's break.

its good to hear that we didnt piss you off, we do out best to stay out of everyones way, we do a few drifts past take some fish and move on to the next spot..

its interesting as we almost always do fishing and diving trips at the same time as some of my mates are not interested in diving so they take rods and vise versa. so we are almost always diving and fishing the same bit of water..

I am almost prepared to say that from years of doing this that spearo's being in the water do not affect the bit of a fish.. and that fisho's would like to think that spearo's have ruined their bite.

especially at wave rider where the fish remain totally unaffected by us being in the water they are actually attracted to us maybe think we are a FAD ::)

It was interesting a few weeks ago we were diving and fishing at shag rock and i sware to anyone the fish the lino's were catching were totally different to anything i saw under the boat.. plenty of decent squire and i would dive down and not see a thing yet id see all sorts of other fish that they never caught.. small kings trevalley etc etc..

so peace out to all the fisho's i both spearfish and line fish.. love doing both... have no problem giving each other space, its all about respect in the end.... and we should really unite to fight the greenies, the infighting just makes us both look bad..

im very confident claiming that spearo's dont affect the bite as much as you would like to think... 8/10 days the lino's catch more than I do anyway out of the same boat in the same water

18-05-2009, 01:32 PM
Its strange that it is repeatadly said that a spear fisherman 'spooks' the fish. Every dive I've participated in I have swam through schools of fish and the worst behaviour I've received was that they parted to keep their distance and rejoined. I'm sure most of us have seen a school of fish that has just had a fish speared out of it school up almost straight after and reside in the very same spot.
Unless the fish as a collective can identify you as a consistent threat to their well being then a human will never trigger the same reactions that a similar sized shark or dolphin will. The once off when that fish encounters a human will either be its last moments of life anyway or it will watch a big 4 limbed cumbersome creature move through the water past it.
And in regards to throwing snapper leads, thats assault with the willful intent to harm another person. Funnily enough, thats illegal and will be treated no different to a bloke being bashed outside a pub.
"Your honour, he encroached on my fishing spot"

18-05-2009, 04:43 PM
Kokomo, as I said I thought you were very curtious. It was just an observation I made on that day. Its good to here your experience of fishing/diving at the same time, as my young bloke is getting into the spearing thing. Good to know I can have a fish while he does his thing:) .

18-05-2009, 05:20 PM
yeah mate absolutley get him into it... how old is he?

just make sure he always dives with a good buddy... maybe you have to get in with him :lol:

19-05-2009, 07:09 AM
He is turning 14 on thursday. Wants a gun lol.

22-05-2009, 02:52 PM
Welcome to fishing on the Gold Coast, after 25 years of fishing this area I can tell you to just give up getting aggro as all it achieves is to spoil your day, the space/distance issue happens every weekend and the problem with other line fisherman is 100 times greater than with spero's. At least the Spero's only work the shallower ground or high points.

It's impossible to count the number of times we set up before daylight burleying for snapper and get the fish coming then some dill decides to drive behind the boat sounding around and scattering the fish. We even hold our rod tips under water on hooked fish, if they see a bend in the rods when going past they come straight in and drive in a circle around you.

These guy's who swing two hooks and a snapper lead have no idea how to consistantly catch good snapper in water less than 50m off the Gold Coast,

As soon as their motor noise has gone over the burley zone we go home if it's after 7.00 am, if earlier we move to a new mark, cut the motor before we get there, drift into position and re anchor. The best of the action is over by 8am when the even more inexperenced hit the water for a day out.

The problem is ignorance and arrogance, not the way they take fish.



22-05-2009, 11:10 PM
A fisherman and a Spearo discussing how far apart they should be ::)

23-05-2009, 08:57 AM
i think your pretty spot on there kingy..

26-05-2009, 09:35 AM
Have not got a problem with majority of spearfishermen but when one surfaces between our boat and our floating baits in a burley trail, I get pretty annoyed. But it was exactly what I expected when they came and anchored in our hip pocket when there was plenty of room to anchor elesewhere. Mate I was with was reaching for the weighted popper but I managed to talk him out of it. Respect is what is required on both sides but with idiots like that it can be hard.


26-05-2009, 10:08 PM
I have dived speared and fished over many years and always tried to respect the space of others. ( On occasions when diving I have carried the bait rig of a young fisherman and put it in front of a nice fish :-) but generally we keep well clear of other boats.

I think the problem is one that seems to be all to common in the general community that some people believe they have a God given right to do whatever they like when ever they want and stuff how anyone else feels about this.

Living near a sports oval we often see this attitude when families attending sports events park over driveways blocking access for us and our neighbours if you ask politely for the car ( usually a big shiny 4x4 ) to be moved the result is usually abuse and threats.

I could go on about this but sadly our society has bred a very narrow selfish streak into some people and I fear it is becoming more and more common.

10-07-2009, 07:19 AM
i have been doing both spearing and fishing for at least 25 years mostly on the mid north coast of nsw,same thing happens down here occasionally,but totally agree there are dickheads everywhere who have no regard for anyone,just the other day whilst we were anchored up burleying in under 20m a local pro drove in circles sounding around for at least 20min,it was late arvo and finally as one of his loops past not even 20m straight through the burley trail,i politely asked why dont you tie up to our .....................anchor rope if you like the spot.he left,but he knew exactly what he was doing which pissed me off even more.we moved also the snapper probably had a headache from his motor noise.

ped cairns
10-07-2009, 09:37 AM
always a great spot to spear back of a boat we would do a lap of reef and leave the women fishing from boat 30 min later or so when coming back a lot of times there would be 2 to 5 trout looking at bait seeming to egg the other on as to who was going to bite first, great if we could get down to them.

but doing it to someone else's boat would be taking a large risk and just plain ignorant, in the young days it would be more than a heated exchange taken place

12-07-2009, 09:06 AM
Hello all,
I wasnt there so I cant really comment on what these guys did however it would appear they did the wrong thing and were pretty rude at the least to come so close. As with other writers I am not so sure divers scare fish away...I have been on scuba inside huge schools of kings >25kg and jews>10kg in a school as big as a house block and all the fish did were move around me and let me through....like Mattooty.
However when people talk about about casting sinkers at them, stray hooks in the water..there isnt any wayof dressing this up....you are basically trying to kill them...all because they dared to come too close. Are these the same blokes that will try to bash you if you bump their drink in a pub? I experienced this once on scuba at the ship reef off Sydney (long Reef)......we were well away from these guys line fishing but these neanderthals threatened to slash our inflatable and then bash us at the ramp (dont know how we were going to get back after our boat was slashed (not too bright this lot). For gods sake take a bloody chill pill - as more people try to share the same resources it is inevitable you will have company....so try some common sense and common courtesy....and if you get into a blood red blinding rage and want to kill someone because they come too close...you have no place in society....


13-07-2009, 09:40 PM
Fishing is not different if some one does move in you can either grim and bare it or move off cos no one ownes the water. There is not much point in trying to hurt some one just cos you think they are to close.

There is a big difference between giving someone a verbal because they are being dickheads and hurting someone. 'Just grin and bear it' is weak and spineless and will only encourage more of the same behaviour in the future. It has never spoiled my day giving someone a lesson in French!

I totally agree with some of the previous comments, you can spend hours setting up a burley trail and then some ignorant ######## - fisho or spearo - comes along and puts the fish down and off the bite. Just because you spearos can still see them parting and coming back together does not mean that they will still bite.


29-07-2009, 10:45 AM
Happens with spearing and fishing, i was anchored up on a nice shallow bommie the other arvo & had been burleying for a while when this f######d blasted through the trail about 20m from the boat, not the first time this has happened & they look offended when they get the finger!!! I have mates who spear and they give fishos who are anchored plenty of room, i think its the minority of both groups doing the wrong thing that makes it hard for everyone..

26-08-2009, 06:24 AM
Hmmm, we line and spear so I'm not jumping on either side; but as boat fishers, don't we sometimes see a group of boat fishos in an area and think "that must be where the fish are biting" and then go and join the area????? I know I am guilty of that. Mind you, respect is the key word here isn't it. You could always use the spearo's as the scouts-ask them if there is anything down there worth fishing for. (or is this in an ideal world???)

27-08-2009, 07:00 AM
I have found spearos to be pretty helpful ,when i spin the rocks ,im allways hitting them up on fish locations and they have been very obliging, they also have some amazing stories of experiences they have had while out diving ,one guy at my local had 3 large tailor in his esky all great fish ,and told me his largest tailor in this location he got last year was over 1mt long and it had x6 separate lures and hooks permanently hanging from its mouth from previous hook ups ,big strong fish like that would have been taking a lot of fishos by suprise !!! he was a fair dinkum guy too ,but have also seen a couple of young punks with no respect splashing around and not not giving two thoughts about a poor old bait fisho doing his thing ,they were mucking about right where he was fishing ,cheers.

28-08-2009, 06:14 PM
lol, well childers, you know that old saying, sounds like they were just young, dumb and full of it........
I'm sure before long they will be taught respect, one way or another!