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16-04-2007, 09:55 PM
hi all,

I have a 50hp etec which gets a slight miss from 5000rpm to flat out- 5800ish depending on load. I have only noticed it in glassy smooth water when you can feel it through the boat but not really hear it. Has anyone had similar issues?

I recently had a sevice, new plugs and one injector replaced but made no difference.

17-04-2007, 12:26 PM

Just run at 4000.

17-04-2007, 10:13 PM
thats the rev limiter.
get a bigger prop.
what ever you have now go up 1 size or 2.
rev range 4900- 5400 WOT
i take it its a lite boat??
cheers Cloud 9

17-04-2007, 10:26 PM
I just got my boat back from Logan River Marine where they replace the throttle sensor and re-mapped the engine. I too had a slight miss and they think it will help the problem..albeit a small problem..the miss in mine occured in the 3000-4000 range but only slight...other than that excellent motor..the guys at LRM were really good too very friendly and helpful
Will be going out this weekend so will let you know hw it goes..mine is a 60hp E-TEC by the way

18-04-2007, 08:28 PM
Its a stacer sunmaster runabout with a 13 7/8x15 prop. I've recently bought it 2nd hand so am still not used to how it should run. The book tells me WOT will be 5500-6000 on the 50etec.
It's not a real drama just sorting out any bugs while it is still under warranty. Otherwise seems like a great motor.