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31-03-2007, 08:50 PM
Just about to go and watch the Iron Chef (sbs) and the theme ingrediant this week is scorpion fish. It looks different to what we call scorpion fish but they sound similar to happy moments where if you get stung it hurts like hell :'( . Be interesting to see how they go with this one not that i'll be rushing out to catch something similar I think i'll stick to the tried and tested varieties of fish :) .


31-03-2007, 09:08 PM
"....I think i'll stick to the tried and tested varieties of fish http://www.ausfish.com.au/vforum/../yabbfiles/Templates/Forum/default/smiley.gif ."

Sounds like a good idea. Same goes for that "fugu" fish. If you cut it wrong, you die a horrible death and it costs a fortune besides. Unless the taste is light-years better than anything else you could possibly ever eat, why risk it? Lucky for us, there is a whole ocean full of fish that taste, at the very least, as good as and probably much better than these fish.

31-03-2007, 10:08 PM
andrew,,, we think alike,,,

i watched it and thought,,,,,,,#### i wonder how many fisho's are watching this,,,

i only caught it due to just getting back from island travels and was channel surfing,,,

loved the band aid's

didn't like the heads being thrown in the mix,,,

but at the end of it all,,, the dishes,, (i must admit),,, looked quite bloody good

did you catch the end title credits,,,, next week,,, poodle:D:D,, nah just kiddin


01-04-2007, 04:39 PM
Scorpion fish or more commonly known as Red Rock Cod. Some call it the poor mans lobster but it depends on how you cook it
I prefer to to put them back where they came from...

01-04-2007, 07:07 PM
Guys, these scorpian fish are one of the best eating fish in the sea. They give a very painful wound for a fair while if spiked but are worth the risk for the eating quality. Be aware if you do keep them, they stay alive on ice for a looong time so it really does pay to kill them when you catch them to stop unexpected movement when filleting. HOT water does help with the pain. They are quite a common catch on Sunshine reef at Noosa and is rare to not bring a couple home.


01-04-2007, 08:38 PM
Thanks for the tip Any Weather ;) . They have some interesting stuff on the show they had an octopus battle a few weeks back and as with the fish they were alive and big :o , the chefs had to restle them out of the tank and then kill them. Once they used bonito flakes, they were in a plastic bag and looked like wood shavings, and they cost $50 US for a kilo. They always have top shelf ingredients. Choppa the food did, always (mostly exept for soup with chicken legs sticking out the top of the bowl) looks good :) .


01-04-2007, 09:51 PM
Speaking of Fugu fish, was in tokyo recently, theres a restaurant with a massive Fugu fish on the shop front (like the big pineapple). the japanese clients wanted to take me inside for Fugu... no thanks much to their dismay, so i redeemed myself by getting absolutely plastered with them, tell you they they will go drink for drink,, apparently i was taken to an extremely expensive japanese seafood restaurant....i just remember raw fish and beer and sake..

Apparently Fugu is a good taste but theres too much trust involved especially if the chef has a bad day;D