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30-03-2007, 09:24 PM

The MBAA has procured funding and have employed Dr Darryl McPhee to conduct a survey into recreational fishing in SEQ. The survey information will be indepth and also be held within the MBAA, it will NOT be given to the EPA or any other Government body.

The MBAA have a stand at the Tinnie & Tackle Show for your convenience at number 600, which is next to the BIA stand..

Everyone that fills in a survey will go into a draw to win a :-

1. Humminbird sounder ,
2. $100 sea food voucher
there will also be offers of discount vouchers and other goodies.

There will be commercial fishermen there on Saturday and Sunday to answer any questions to do with their industry. They are there to dispell a few myths about how they operate. Best to get word from the horses mouth.

I would encourage everyone to come in and have a chat with these guys and fill out the survey. The information gleaned from the survey will go a long way to bumping up the ammo supplies of the MBAA in relation to future zonings, closures etc of Moreton Bay and surrounds.

Cheers Phill

Obi _ Wan
31-03-2007, 08:11 PM
I spent a fair bit of time at the MBAA stand today as i knew one of the chaps that was manning it.
I also completed the survey, which i believe every Ausfisher should do if they attend the show.
i't's time to do something now to protect our rights if we want to continue to fish Moreton Bay, the Ocean beaches of Bribie, Moreton, Nth & Sth Straddie, also a fair distance offshore is under threat which will include Deep Tempest and the Trench to name a few.
If we don't act now it could be to late, please get behind these people and support them, complete the survey, mail the postcard to Beatie, it's in the pack you will given when you do the survey.