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Fat Chilli
28-03-2007, 02:39 PM
Hi ya all'

Was thinking about modifying my fuel line with a stainless 'S' bend in order to box in a section of my under floor area to create a kill tank (about 900mm long x 50mm wide).

Would installing an 'S' bend restrict the flow of fuel drastically when filling? As this seems to be the only option, unless I get another tank made with the filler on the far right (this would be $$$).

Here's some pics of the current set up and what I was thinking of doing (no fancy pics, just to give you an idea of the proposal :helpa: ).

Current layout
Proposed layout
Another view of the current layout
another view of my proposed layout

Cheers (for any constructive advice ;D )


28-03-2007, 02:52 PM
I have a 90 degree bend in mine, at some servo's I need to drop the front of the boat but not at others. I have a breather at the front and back of the tank. I think when I have fueling problems it is more to do with fuel being in the breather pipe loops than the bend.
if ya do it, use high quality bolt up hose clamps, 2 per joint

28-03-2007, 03:06 PM
Blaze is ont to it. Loops in the breather tube filled with fuel and prevented filling at anything but a dribble.
I don't see how having a 90 degree bend would affect your fill rate too much.
i would be more concerned about losing the ability to visually see how much fule is in your tank as you can now.
Quite a handy feature.

28-03-2007, 07:35 PM

A couple of thoughts
Based on my need to replace a ss tank due to electrolosis and pin holes in the base as there apparently was enough moisture under the tank to cause the problem it could be worthwhile building your kill tank in such a way so as to limit /prevent salty water getting anywhere near your fuel tank and sender unit etc.

Re the filler. Would it be possible to fill from high up on the side of the boat and not have the long flat hose, I assume running all the way to the rear of the boat.
You may need a couple of bends, one close to the tank and another at the intersection of the bottom and side of the boat. There are deck filler units with waterproof "o" ring seals for as little as $12.95 from boat places that take 1.5" id hose that I think you have. The tank would probably be easier to fill too without needing to drop the front of the boat.

Can you get an off the shelf hing lidded kill tank unit that drops into the floor?



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