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27-03-2007, 01:00 PM
I have just bought the 3 bow bimini from Bias Boating with the additional height feature. (I'm 6ft2) to install on my 15ft cuddy cab. I have put it together, but am confused on which way it should fold.

I want to have it up over the windscreen and as far back as it will go. (it is 1.82m in length)

Ideally it should fold to the windscreen, but when folded it just about blocks the windscreen. So if i am driving with the bimini down, it will restrict my viewing. When up it is nice and high with plenty of head room once it is installed above the gunwales.

If i set it up to fold to the back of the boat, then it will hang across the boat.

Does anyone have these types of biminis on their boats and can guide me before i start drilling holes. Thanks.

27-03-2007, 02:31 PM
Put it where it will work best for sun protection, without cramping fishing room too much. If you decide you don't want it on there for a day, unscrew it and leave it at home.


28-03-2007, 05:41 AM
You've obviously have the package which has the 2 straps at the front and back. Have you thought about using aluminium poles at the rear so you can fold the cover to the back and use one of those bimini covers? That way if you don't want the bimini in place you can fold it back. I know that the straps (particularly if they are long) tend to flap about in the wind a lot.

Probably need a couple of photos here so you know what I'm talking about, however I don't have my old boat anymore and have upgraded to a cuddycab myself however this already has a bimini cover on it, but a factory one without straps.


28-03-2007, 03:40 PM
Hi Steve,

Yes you are correct it has 2 straps at the back and 2 at the front.

I have installed it to fold down over the windscreen. When it is down i can tie it down with velcro straps and it won't be in the way when fishing.
Tried it folding to the back and it seemed to be in the way. So at the moment i have it tied down with the straps at the front and rear.

As it is folding to the front of the boat, where would i install addtional poles, front or rear? Will it make it stronger and stop it from swaying from side to side?


29-03-2007, 05:35 AM

I've attached a photo of my previous setup. You'll note the bimini folds to the rear and rests on the poles. Yes it used to wobble a bit, but never bothered me. I'd drive it at highway speeds like that. It's out of the way in this set up. However if you have a cuddy cab, then yo could have it folding forward, with short poles to the windscreen, say 300mm to give you a reasonable gap between the windscreen and the bimini. I've also attached a photo of a similar boat to my present one from the cruisecraft website to give an example, however on the cruisecraft the bimini has no straps as it held to the screen by short poles and then the bimini is held apart by another pole on either side. In this setup it's always up.
I could take a couple of close up photos of the present set up if you need them.