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06-03-2007, 12:39 PM
Hi guy's,
A few weeks ago( valantines day) our home was ransacked and I lost by Furuno 600L sounder( 3 years old) a Navman 5500 gps tracker(new, used 3 times) and a Navman 7200 vhf digital radio( new, used once) These were head units only, not much good to young theives, as arials, cables and brackets are still on the boat. We are fairly sure a young couple broke into our house, and someone up here in NQueensland may hear about any of these items someone may have bought, who know unless we spread the word in places like this. It's funny in a way, cause I take them out of the boat( like most people) so they wouldn't get flogged.
The Insurance is coffing up about $2200 of $2800 value, however I will upgrade to the 620 Furuno and the 5507 tracker,for the extra few hundred bucks. If someone ever offers me a head unit without bracket and cables, you pretty well know they flogged it. I am still coming to terms the $21,000 loss of our property, and the fact we had these low lives pulling our house apart and helping themselves to whatever they thought they could sell. I don't expect to see or hear about any of our stuff, but it's good to vent it here, especially with fellow fisho's.
Thanks for reading.


14-03-2007, 12:06 PM
Sorry to hear about that Lee. Lets hope they get their's!! You never know some items may turn up.
Good luck Kim.

Rod Fishing
19-03-2007, 08:56 PM
Mate will keep me eyes and ears open sorry to hear what happened to you and your family.

20-03-2007, 10:30 AM
Hey Kim and Rod, thanks for that.
The insurance company has paid for 3/4 of the value of my marine electronics. So as I have to put some of my own dollars in( $500) I have upgraded to a 582 Furuno sounder, 5600 Navman Gps and the same radio. I picked them up this morning, so I am pretty happy:D We will keep looking around the secondhand shops still, for the next few months. My wife would prefer to by back any personal jewelery than buy new stuff. I think I have nearly talked her into buying a new 200 Opti for our boat....we will see:P