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18-10-2001, 12:28 PM
Gidday, I noticed the post on the ban on catching Murray cod just before I left for a trip to the Murray river. So I changed my target to golden perch and carp (I ended up with 1 cod, 1 perch and 1 carp all released (the carp was released dead in the shrimp tin ;D ))
Anyway, I brought up this temorrary ban with my mate on a slow cruise up the sand bar and by the end of the trip we both agreed that there should be a complete ban on springers (setlines) in the murray
I think the cod are far to preciouse a resourse to have as a food fish. Last time I went to the Murray (Easter) I saw numerous cod 30 in total caught by 2 seperate groups all on springers (set lines) although it was perfectly legal I still think it was wrong that people can just set lines out for days, when a fish gets hooked it has no chance to escape (very little). The bloke who 'catches' the fish gets about as much pleaseure from this as if he/she bought it from a fish shop.

So why does this go on? It's not doing the economy any good, wiping out a premiere species like this, the people who do it don't exactly boost our economy by buying a couple of meters of cord a sinker and some hooks.

I think that springers should be banned before there is a blanket ban on the species when the population is almost extinct


22-10-2001, 02:23 PM
Too Right Rumpig.

It should be banned, and I thought it was. An interesting history lesson can be had spending a day on Lake Mulwala. It is covered in old dead river gums, and I tried to find one without a roofing nail in it and couldn't. There are thousand of trees, and almost every one has up to 4 roofing nails in it for attaching set lines. The ones that are used now are underwater. The old green cord is still used too. Surely those big green fish deserve more respect than that. :'(

04-11-2001, 07:47 PM
not to mention all the put and leave rods the people live on the banks put up. When I was last there for every 4 unattended rods (like groups of 4 and 5 rods alone) there was one lot of attened lines. Its just using a rod as a springer aint it.


P.S I might have been guilty of removing some prehaps may be, you some time score a good hook *G*