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04-01-2002, 05:18 AM
:) Just wondering if anyone out there in Ausfish land has had a recent experience fishing the MacIntyre river at Goondiwindi. Any info would be appreciated, particularly in relation to techniques, fishing spots, and cabin accom. in one of the local caravan parks. We are taking our boat, so we can access most places between the weirs. Thanks in advance, Katrina and co.

06-01-2002, 06:16 PM
Have not fished the MacIntrye (have we spelt that right) near Gundi but fish the Macintyre Brook often on a private property near Inglewood regularily.
Its a fantastic river and is frequently stocked with yellowbelly and cod by a no. of stocking groups from Coolmunda to Goondiwindi. The river runs clear most of the time and the fish take lures most of the time.. We generally park the dingy in the middle of a hole and cast to both sides of the bank. With patience, we always score a few fish. Most of the cod we have caught are under size but there are plenty there.
I've posted this before, but one comforting thing is the no of carp we have caught (on bait) has reduced each year - only got one last year - so maybe the stocking of cod in these reaches is having an effect. (I think they eat the carp)
Ring the Goondiwindi Shire Council and I'm sure they will send you something on camping spots, locations etc. There is a glossy publication out on fishing and camping in SW Qld which covers a no. spots down that way (most Toowoomba tackle shops would have it) and Kim Bain did a few articles on that area in QFM and the SEQ Fishing Yearly publication.
The area is a fantasic camping and fishing spot. Good luck

07-01-2002, 03:18 PM
;) Thanks for your reply. We have fished the Dumaresq river closer to Yelarbon, and done ok, but didn't have the boat, as it' too big to launch in the billabongs. We were thinking that the boat ramp and river look pretty good in Gundy, and it's probably worth a go. Keep on fishing!

12-01-2002, 04:08 AM
Hi Katrina - I lived at Yetman for a while - father-in-law owned the Codfish Hotel there.
There are some good holes but they have been hit pretty hard - especially the easily accessible ones.
Best is if you can get on private property (with permission) - The river usually fishes best during a minor flood.
I never forget one experience - we were trolling a stretch of willows along the river bank behind the pub (turn off at the highway bridge and follow the dirt road along the river bank a few hundred yards).
The old timer I was with would thump the willow trunk or branches as we trolled past with the oar (we were rowing / trolling).
We landed a lot of good yellowbelly that day - I'm sure his technique worked - don't know whether it woke them up or what - but it caught fish!
Another place to look at is Cunningham's Weir so long as there is enough water there - it's about 30 min out of Yetman.

Cheers for now

Dave ><>

12-01-2002, 06:21 PM
:-[ Thanks for your advice, Nugget, but our western trip will have to be put off for a couple of months due to the usual problem -NOT ENOUGH MONEY!! Looking like Easter is probably a goer, but again we'll have to see how it all goes. Thanks again ;)