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13-01-2002, 04:51 AM
I have not been to this dam for a couple of years almost and a club member was there over the hols and said all the fees have increased and somerset camping ground was closed as will be the spit soon.

I was also told esk shire council is pulling out after there contract ends and wants nothing to do with the place.

Can anyone confirm or deny this and if so what are the new fees etc.

What is happening to this once great place to go fishing ?


13-01-2002, 07:54 AM
Brian, I dare say Fitzy will be able to answer those Q for you as he is out there this week end..


13-01-2002, 08:17 AM
Hi Brian,
Somerset is still one of Qld's, if not Australias top freshwater fishing destinations.
The camp ground below the wall's future is by no means guaranteed, but speculation & rumour do nothing to help the situation when we are trying to help keep things running.
There is a "peak-time" fee applied to Kirkleagh Campground & Somerset Park (below the wall) during holiday periods. I don't mind it actually as it keeps numbers down a little. I'd hate to be paying my camping fee just so that I can line up for 20 minutes for a hot shower, or to use the toilet. Image if it was like years ago before we created the great fishery when it cost $2/car load to go in there. You wouldn't be able to move these days if this was the case.
SEQWCorp also spend around $30 000/annum from the fees on fingerling purchases.

Brian, I can see both sides of the issue. However I would rather pay a few extra $$$ to access & enjoy a world class fishery & the top facilities that are both angler & family friendly than to go back to the old days of thoudands of tents crammed in there with a waiting list to get to the cold showers & thunder boxes for toilets. My family loves Somerset & we will definately keep going there as our prefered fishing & camping location. The millions spent by SEQWCorp on new facilities & boat ramps make spending a few dollars extra well worth it.
I know you've had a few issues with the SEQWCorp from your clubs perspective & I agree that they aren't always the easiest bunch to get along with. When you rag Somerset you not only run down the SEQWCorp you also run down the Somerset & Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Assn who have worked tirelessly for 15 years to create this fantastic fishery. There are also many organisations who have donated money towards the stocking this great lake, NBSFC included.
Fish stocked this season so far by SWFSA:
Bass- 55 000
Silver Perch - 20 000

Bass- 27 000
Yellowbelly- 38 000
Silver Perch- 18 000

BTW- Mary River Cod fingerlings should be arriving soon. (Finally)
SEQWCorp have spent $30 000 from the boating/camping fees on fingerlings for these lakes so far this season on top of SIP & SWFSA funded fish.



13-01-2002, 03:54 PM
;D Good news about those cod!

14-01-2002, 07:18 AM
Hi Fitzy,

As you are fully aware i have strong feelings about the dam and i make no appology for that.

I will also say I was not having a shot at anyone was asking a question as if there are any increases or changes i was going to include in our newsletter for our members interest.

You said -Speculation & rumour do nothing to help the situation when we are trying to help keep things running. I assume you mean the esk shire council part and the spit if so that was just a question albeit very badly put.

I do agree that the $2.00 a car load was not an option and could never be maintained and i have no problems if the camping fees are reasonable.

As for ragging somerset dam i don't know how you figure i run down the stocking group, in fact i believe they do a good job ................. my ONLY issue i have and I repeat " I " have are with the SEQwater board and until that issue is changed i will not fish the place irrespective if it is a good fishery or not. That is my personal point of view only.

The clubs view is simply an economical one from the point of our comp. This does not impact on any of our members fishing the place if they so desire, and many do.

Hopefully that cleared things up, of course i still don't know what the fees are ?

It is good to see the cod are finally about to arrive :)

14-01-2002, 07:56 AM
Hi Brian,
No sweat.
Refering to the rumour bit, it is general rumours about the gate fees on Cormorant Bay that have almost shut down the Restaurant there when no fees exist.
I honestly don't know what the peak & non peak fees are. I just pay em & go. Another option if day tripping, is to launch at the Spit. No day trip fee applied that I've seen. I'd call one of their rangers stations for the correct info onthe fees. http://www.seqwco.com.au
We see any negative PR on these lakes as reflective upon the work that we done there. Like I said, I know that they aren't the easiest mob to work with but we endure it for the good of rec fishing in SE Qld.

On the Cod, forgot to mention that DPI released 2250 MR cod into Somerset last month & 1000 into Big W. Not sure how many will be arriving for SWFSA but the donation from NBSFC will be part of this lot. Finally.



14-01-2002, 04:50 PM

If you get enough time can you give me a call when the cod are about to be released i would like to get some shots for our club if possible.


14-01-2002, 09:01 PM
I most certainly will Brian. We normally get less than 24 hours notice on fish arrival, but I'll do the best I can to get hold of you. Maybe best if you email me your work & home numbers again. Not sure where I've got them in this pile of papers here.
I sometimes miss out on fish releases myself due to lack of notice & missed phone calls.
If worst comes to worst, I can get some pics on behalf of the club for you.